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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

trump, pure example

of one of the definitions of miasma, I found in the dictionary.com; noxious exhalations from putrescent organic matter; poisonous effluvia or germs polluting the atmosphere. Has polluted the minds of millions, will destroy our atmosphere without a thought.

drip, drip, drip

I agree with 1st poster, "too late" it's a done deal.

transparent move

d'Souza IS a RW asshole. Aparthate(apartheid) move, while thousands of AA, male and female, in prison only because they have black skin will not be pardoned by this potus asshole.


as I read it,

it's divisive because there are those in the ruling class of this country who are standing in the middle of the room with their fingers in their ears screaming....na na nan ananann!!!!!!!!!!! When responding to questions about their ability to get along with the rest of the population, minorities especially. They feel they are getting along well while filling the lower federal courts with anti-abortion judges and given trumps background and words, racist judges. Let's VOTE, JUST VOTE. Democrats in our Congress can stop this tide.

America has always been fertile ground for white supremacy groups and religions I think, since just say, arbitrally, the 1st Civil War, 1861-65. These groups and religions are part of america, not ameriKKKa. Just have to work it out wypipo and not with pogroms and DeBoer era apartheid/genocide tactics on minority populations.

And when the dust settles there will be classification by race, culture, by color and origin, with the lighter skinned brown people(s) benefiting to a more ideal degree, with the "kaffir" classification reserved for predominantly AA population.

The blind spot is exactly as you state and being weaponized in the court system by trump to impose draconian laws on the population with restriction specifically used toward urban populations but not limited to that location.

Always loved this song.


this guy

is a security risk. Not to mention a coward playing with his toy soldiers.

of course

yet 'the southern strategy' of the nixon-atwater' team is partially responsible for the slow rise of open white racism that I have experienced in my 50 years of watching ameriKKKan politics and race relations. And that open racism has, so far, culminated in this racist POS potus ameriKKKans now have as their spokesman and enabler.

all those jobs

destroyed to make a comment that helped continue feeding all the pent-up white rage, fear and HATE called white racism. Yeah well, there is A LOT of rage at racist POS. So here I am.

Like any racist, this person in the photo above has a hate that has to be shown to feel she is a part of the temporary rise in ameriKKKan racist ideology ruling our societal systems, at this time. Selfish, selfish person.

I am so glad she got slapped down, metaphorically speaking of course. But I lament the jobs lost. Had to be a lot.


As a vet who fought for the rag, white and blue I am so disgusted and very, very angry. All this pent-up white rage and fear called WHITE ONLY racism.


A racist POS, who happened to be witness to "hugely historical events". I have no respect or recognition for a POS like this sailor. Maybe you should be in that "green room".

This sailor is the same type of guy I had to watch my back with in Vietnam. We had lots of Confederate soldiers there. Shouldn't even mention this sailor actually.

I don't care for vets who see my service to america as different than their based on one criteria, skin color. It's like my experience with KKKristianity in ameriKKKa. Yeah, you are a Christian, but you are a different Christian because of ameriKKKan KKKristianity, only because of skin color.
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