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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

Sibling, maybe......

Chaos expected always in the forms of natural disasters, war, human displacementd, disease, starvation. Mass Death by plague because of some mutated virus deeesigned just for that very purpose in 'state run' labs, federal and local. Or anti biotic resistant strains of infectious disease germs that turn your insides into jellygerms, speaking uncontrolled here, even with segregation.

End these mentioned human created disasters for power, control and money, they being priority You, us, we, them and me? If possible at this stage. The slaughters, genocides, massacres created in all our human history are legion. One against another. And still happening. Sad indeed.

Alton Sterling

Father of 5, slaughtered by 2 New Orleans 'peace officers' in 2016 are allowed to walk free from this murder. As a father of 5 and a friend of the store owner whose store Sterling was selling his CD's in front of was hustling to keep food on the table I would presume. Inside of 5 seconds upon arriving after an anyomous complaint, the police had his gun at the head of Sterling say, "I'm going to kill you bitch". Quote from the Guardian story. The next day Philando Castile was slaughtered by Minneapolis police, he walked free. God bless AmeriKKKa, oh, I forgot a fundie told me that God does just that, well?????

Stephon Clark

March 18, Sacramento, California, shot 20 times, less than 20 second after police arrive. We as Americans, especially the minorities of ameriKKKa have a never ending story of policy brutality in which there really is no guarantee, after a police stop, of living past that stop. Hell civilians can gun down unarmed AA young people and walk. Not a word here, that I can find on DU proper but maybe I just missed this story in all the dust and chaos of Parkland and MFL?


It is the natural remedy when undergoing chemo and radiation treatment(s) for cancer. I just finished a 7 week course of both because of stage 2 cancer of the bladder. Probable cause, Agent Orange exposure during my service years. That is another story all together. So during my treatments the hospital gave me different types of medication to mainly stave off the nausea from chemotherapy.

I only used THC in the edible form. Cookies, hybrids of indica and sativa mainly and some indica candy like the old sugar covered gummies. I never suffered a serious bout of nausea or pain. All these anal retentive idiots against THC belong with the dinosaur. Extinct.

Oh, by the way, last CT scan a week ago was negative. So I presume to be around a while longer to raise some HELL!!!! Promise.


I read in the Independent this morning about one of Israel's chief rabbis calling black people monkeys during his weekly sermon. Personally I would prefer to be described, if racist white people must, as a gorilla. I could do so much more damage to idiots like this. I wouldn't just snap a neck. I would tear his fucking head off.

bombs instead of nooses

Amazing how stupid and ignorant a sizable minority of white ameriKKKans continue to remain. The present day white racist pig along with his/her generations of predecessors have tried subtle genocide, destroying of whole communities Rosewood and Oklahoma come to mind, lynching, burning, castration literally of the AA male and the murder by lynching/burning of AA women and children. And I will mention the Tuskegee syphillis experiments on AA as a way to rid themselves of the AA male whose strength and perseverance these cowards all truly fear. Now instead of the noose, it's homemade bombs.

One yesterday even killing an 80 year old grandmother in Austin TX. The police chief says the bombings, all at homes of AA's", appear to be linked". No shit sherlock

I was in the hospital yesterday waiting for a full body CT scan. I was the only AA in the waiting room. During the two hour wait having to get up constantly because of the contrast die I had to drink, when I reentered the waiting room I was consistently "eye fucked" by idiot assed trumpers. I'd smile, drop the smile and give it back to them, the same hate they gave. Then I would chuckle at the ludicrously idiot notion of their hate for my skin color. White men and women were both culprits. Here we all are, I assume seriously ill, and all they could do is hate me.

Well as I tell myself when faced with Mr. Charlie looking for me to be intimidated by their total stupidity and base ignorance, nah, ain't gonna happen. Short of rounding up all non-caucasian people, which the Klansman Sessions, the leaders and followers in the GOP and the POS potus have in motion as an administration priority, which would, if continued, precipitate...well we won't talk about that at this time...
NAH!!!! Ain't gonna get your wish...I'm not going anywhere, anytime soon.

not a word about how in Austin Texas

about how in Austin Texas, instead of the knight riders storming up on a AA family with noose in hand, now the racists are leaving bombs on the front porch of AA families, killing some innocent AA in their racist zeal to carry out one of mandates (unsaid but understood by white people) of the POS calling himself potus, put black people 'back in their place'. Nah ain't gonna happen this time. I didn't put myself in harms way in Vietnam neither do I think any AA vet has, all the way to our modern slaughter grounds in Iraq and Afghanistan, to accept this behavior from trumps browns shirts. I do so hope one gets caught in the act and gets a bullet in the face

To any racist pig wanting to carry out trumps mandate to "put AA back in their place", JUST AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!! They killed an 80 year old goddammit. As my understanding of incidents grows...the 80 year old was Hispanic and she did not die, but was seriously hurt and AA's were other targets with fatalities.


channeling fascist rhetoric

Human rights advocates are now finally beginning to see the global implications of a trump presidency. Putin, free to change outcomes of our electoral system. Duterte slaughtering his own in the name of ridding his society of alleged drug dealers perpetrating a drug crisis. Duterte, now trump are pushing subverting human right to life by stating that drug dealers deserve summary execution. This first step in creating total fascist control in all aspects of individual life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Combine that with a public media controlled by conglomerates spewing hate in radio and all modern media and movement by ethnic status, restricted and controlled by 'checkpoints'. I don't like it. Government is not the culprit here, just the form. All inclusive being the ultimate goal here, or have democratic ideals been usurped by a self proclaimed superiority, naturally, by skin pigment only😂😂😂

I say, really? Get serious about the numbers and allies shift. Liberals and progressives, must reclaim our life, liberty and pursuit. If his mentors solution comes to be in the USofA the action will primarily be concentrated in URBAN communities given the racism inherent in the institutions and societal systems of ameriKkka, trump being a follower of Alec Jones and bannon's white supremacist ideology(s) after all.

The GOP is trying to guide us there under the cover of the fool-jesters 'leadership /presidency'.

If you believe we can reclaim our rights 2018, voting numbers so large either civil war and a willingness to back off the hate based on ethnicity skin pigment happens. That's what got and provided US with 8 long relatively stable and a well managed years of foreign and domestic policy with the Presidency of Obama.

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