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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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Pales to nonexistence compared to HRC...SHE IS A huge disappointment as are/were those who work against our unity if we didn't/don't get on our knees and slavishly show our loyalty to has beens

route 66

I'd like to see a remake of the Route 66 series of the 60's with martin milner and george maharis driving that corvette cross country to fulfill a dying wish of a jazz singer.....but this time two women, one AA, one Caucasian, both army combats vets, one a cobra pilot, one an regular grunt/soldier, multiple tours, Afghanistan/Iraq, PTSD both, because of the lingering sexism in the services and combat related to the madness and viciousness of war. One dying of brain cancer from handling depleted uranium munitions and just wanting to ride the country she defended unto a lingering death one last time. All the stories encountered.....from Boston to San Francisco.


It was a lynch mob....first they tarred and feathered AL then they hung em....he's lucky to still be breathing...it was a lynch mob. shouting, cursing, carrying torches, threatening death.....I will offend and you can take that to the bank...trust me


1%= whiny people, not voting, voter suppression by the fascists AND probable interference by an outside power to make sure the slug that is POtuS now could do what he's doing at this very moment. I am through with this....I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED this last election. Good day

no, it isn't

whiny people NOT VOTING were partly responsible.... Jill STEIN WASN'T not sitting a a table with the buddy of the POtuS at some function in russia, more votes lost. I wish the marginalization of minor leaders of minor factions would have worked, it didn't, we lost. Not in the popular vote mind you, we lost because of voter suppression, whiny people not voting and more than likely outside interference in our electoral system. Please don't try to use lies on me to make your point. I KNOW what happened and it wasn't any la la land "wrong candidate" scenario. We had the best, most qualified candidate at the time, BAR NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

no matter

romney WILL be kissing trumps ass sooner rather than later...this is not good news, just news.


examined and found wanting on all levels....the POtuS is also a sexual predator that likes to see naked teenage girls....and he walked through the dressing areas of the teenage pageant contestants and the adult pageant contestants and that is common knowledge as it was admitted and spoken from his syphilis encrusted lips...he's a pervert

all inclusive social and civil EQUALITY

for all in this society was ignored completely. That was unconscionable. And don't get me started on a meeting I went to about the person that's the subject of this thread. Damn sure don't want to talk about the makeup of rally participants, so I won't. As a choice I stuck by and was loyal to a fault by voting for our Party's pick to run for POTUS. "Many others" as mentioned, did not.

average cost for one meal

in ameriKKKa...41$. That's 1million, 46thousand, 780 meals for the let's just say, hungry in ameriKKKa. So this POtuS can golf????? Talk about "let em eat golfballs"....this greedy, lying, narcissistic, avaricious con man and his family, if allowed four years at the helm, will loot the treasury, completely.

No arguement from me

yet......waaaa!!!! waaaa!!!! waaaaaa! from certain quarters and factions from within the LARGE tent housing loyal Democrats not afraid and definitely not whining about the past and not so cynical as to not be able to claim the Democratic Party as their chosen Party. And looking forward to defeating the monstrously fascist government we all have to contend with now with a social inclusiveness and equality FOR ALL as a plank of their particular promises....minor leaders of very minor factions within our Party are not a real concern to me no matter how loud they are or how many times their leaders may pop up on MSM.

GOTV is the priority without the defeatist factionalism of minor leaders from within our Party who I feel have to be marginalized also, for assurance of our victory 2018-2020. I'll leave it up to people more competent than me to deal with outside interference in our electoral system. That is what I know and desire!!!
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