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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

I am glad for

stand up people these days that offend the shit out of the likes of the Sarandon's, trolls, stalkers she has had to face because she speaks her mind. Civility does not work anymore for any POC standing up to the racist whites out there and in many of these internet forums..,..if a POC doesn't respond like many feel they should, they are either the new/old 'uppity' negro or a profane negro....fuck Sarandon and all who are on her boat....go Bravenak ...feet to the fire is all they understand...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minimizing her

by you, does not make it true....she is somebody...to a lot of people. So your opinion, about her, really means nothing.... Hope your day gets better...


anytime a black person gets angry, it's profane, especially if it's true, as Braves responses usually were. When a player takes a knee it's 'unameriKKKan'. She is a standup person who speaks her mind, and when certain people here got offended at her truth, they stalked and alerted until the 'uppity' person was gone....you're fooling no one...know where you are coming from. It was all about race, black vs white...as usual we see who won. But for 350 years win is ......

rent this POS

a 10 X 10 room.....

I don't know

how she can sleep at night....I so hope a 'hell' awaits all these people in this administration that cheer the golden toilet shitting monkey on.......


our very own Nero.....this racist, narcissistic, golden toilet shitting buffoon has to go...impeach now or when the grief hits our mainland, prepare for more fiddling...


will we see her in Puerto Rico alongside that hateful person she claims as lifemate....?

I read him

growing up...always thought he was weird, but entertaining in his 'rabbit hole' madness...the japanese depictions of his during WW2, the bucked out teeth and other stereotypes were the times....hell 9/11 proved that even rational people can stop thinking and grab hold of RW propaganda and run with it...hardly a squawk on 'Patriot Act'...still with us today.

No I didn't and still don't think he was racist per se....just white culture oriented....no blacks in dr. seuss..... but what can be expected from those times and temperament of white culture.... He was considered a liberal democrat, but did depict blacks as savages, grassskirts, living in tropical climes...but most of white society, then and still today, think of black people in this manner...they just use a newer term...'thug'.

Nope, dr. seuss an open n***** hating white person? Maybe not. Just an example of growing up in a white supremacist oriented society.

and we are

BACK in the feeling of those times where the slightest misstep by a person of color starts racists gathering for lynch mobs. Whether they be charlottesville white supremacists rioting, killing, beating and maiming other human beings not agreeing with their racist hate or just the open use of the n-word by officials, high and low and some carrying badge and gun, we are back in the cultural climate which is the subject of this exhibit.

I have a large poster on my wall of the lynching, mutilation(sexual parts) and burning of 3 black men at a picnic of whites. There was food and drink for all at this picnic of death. One of the first things I was aware of growing up in a part of the south was always walk facing the traffic...no sidewalks there and remain 'respectful' to the white people, "even if they call you names"......now hurry back". Luckily I did, many didn't......Take a knee, take a knee.....

I applaud

not taking anything from a 1st lady who happens to be an open racist(trumped up birther controversy), the hypocrisy of these types of people, white supremacist, male and female, would be laughable if it didn't enrage and offend so much. to hell with trumps..... nothing laudable about anything done by this ...'1st lady'
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