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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

how many

generations ago this happened and the mentality that the 'sheriff and medical examiner' showed in this case is ruling in the WH. Tennessee, IF they should create the 'commission' would not mean a goddamn thing to POC. I t would be one more way for the bigots and racists to keep their conscience on even keel.

Here was an honest hardworking POC trying to get ahead in life, you know MAYBE be able to share in the american dream ...........and ends up dead, the murder of him most heinous and horrendous...and what's with this all the time castrating a black man before murdering him.....never mind I know and that sick mentality is at the highest levels of 'leadership' of this country now.....sick and sad....the hate exhibited by this type of murder. I wonder how large the murder victim's family was....how many children depending on him

how do you know

he attempted to pull his gun out? And if he did tell the person who murdered him he had one why would A Montessori teacher with his daughter and wife in car threaten a police officer. WAKE UP!!

What a country this has always been with it's hypocritical excuse for justice especially when it comes to POC, always, and now in spades with this trump character pretending to be a competent leader. The AmeriKKKan base of truly despicable deplorables ARE the blame for this travesty of justice and this murder and from now on all other state authorized murders of POC lies with them only, the blood is on their hands. I have no doubt all would bath in it if they could.


it was a jury of his peers, racially, so at this time in ameriKKan history, what can be expected? It has always been open season when it comes to state authorized murder of its AA citizens and I fear for all of us in this upcoming era of white supremacists thought guiding our nation at the highest levels of 'leadership'.

I have always said this, fuck ameriKKKan justice.

How low can he go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well morally, ethically, as a rabid racist/narcissist, he's already gone lower than low....so.....who knows

look, the WH boys

bannon, miller, kushner, who's been very quiet lately, ivanka and their puppet want a war so they can continue to enrich themselves and spread racial hate around the world like Europe has been doing since Brexit.....thatcher and reagan kicked this latest generation plus of racist hate off.....where will it end, I wonder.... maybe....otherwise no place good I can almost guarantee that

the left can only agree

that trump,pence,ryan and most of the RW means us and america harm.....everything thing else, RACE included, is like two opposing factions in the same army.....to me

I will never understand advice from you

you're in your bubble of what keeps you comfortable in living a life.....In 1958----I saw a hanged black man in the south.....I still see AA males murdered by white people, a lot of those whites under authority of badge and gun....don't ever talk about the progress of AA to me, I have lived that truth, you haven't. Although I will advise staying out of bars and such....you can go pass that progress BS off to your friends and associates.....so I can see a blank wall here with no clue as to what color it is or should be ...... well sorry, I'm not a painter. To summarize.....progress has halted....back to the 50's...period.....nice talking to you...I'll be on my way.



and how long has the hate and racism

against the generations of descendants of those SLAVES lasted, I ask you. And does that even fit into your equation og how great YOUR experience in ameriKKKA has been?. All your points of explanation/splaining prefer to ignore the true ameriKKKan experience of the AA that you could NEVER understand.....and your work experience is typical of an immigrant....not of the AA experience in that professional area of work....please stop explaining how AA should be like you....we are just as motivated and capable.....just not given an equal chance to prove it.......my, your life seems to be smooth sailing.....I'm impressed......
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