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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

expect an uptick

in racist roach trumpite chumps who voted for the orange racist, the boy potus and racist hate enabler, sessions, to try to start a race war they know trump and sessions are privately hoping for so they can come down on minorities. I really do think this whole administration and republiKKKan Congress want internal conflict to be able to round up dissenters and all people with even a hint of melanin in their pigment....these white terrorists and their enablers in government are just getting started, I bet.


true. The murderer is a reflection of the hatred stoked and encouraged by the orange boy who would be potus in the last 15 months or so.

no, I DO NOT

include those names under corrupt. NO!!!!! I am sorry I did not clarify....my mistake and I DO NOT have to agree with their decisions, no matter what or who they may represent to americans. Bush jr and cheney will be eclipsed in their corporate friendly shenanigans by this administration and this SC. Period.

our Marie Antoinette?

truly clueless of what sacrifice, in service to ones country, means...


he and his admirers/administration are con artists and losers.

Ok, on the Sherman March

but you're not in that march , so go at boys while I sit here and watch it on CNN, MSNBS ect Total war, unless attacked, is archaic and a waste of human life.

Our technology can kill these people more efficiently than using our soldiers as an experiment in warfare and weapons madness. Go for your 'march'. Good luck.

Don't make me laugh

the eradication of leaders and group infrastructure is necessary as it is a threat to peace. Yet I will NOT give any kudos to the madmen in the WH who would risk total war as proof of their ability to shape the world in their RW image. Have fun with your warlike dreams and fantasies...ever been in an after-action debrief? If so, when?

Tomahawks, much better. Siglint and humint, much better as finding ways to eradicate leadership. You don't care about the people that ISIS subjugates and are in the way of you and 'mad dog' mattis? Or are they just collateral damage on the way to victory?

the madmen in the WH are getting closer

to giving the slime running this country a reason to go to OPEN war against the madman in n. korea and causing the ultimate spreading of that war and eventually all Constitutional rights of american citizens, because of 'danger and terror levels', will be abrogated and the KKK slime WILL try to become kings for life both in Congress and the WH.

I have no doubts about this postulation unless sane, rational and truly realistic individuals in our government, for now, step up and call this slime running our country what they are, racist fascist and show the real danger they pose to the world and us instead of trying to 'save face', 'be civil' in the eyes of the world by showing that everything is okay even with the river of putrid slime running down the driveway of the WH and soiling the fabric of our still diverse nation.

The media loves the profit they are gaining so they won't get real either. Hell they are responsible in a large way of creating this monster who would be potus. Our only hope there is Joy, Rachel, O'donnell?, Olbermann, Noah, Stewart..John, Colbert, Maher sometimes, et al....

I hope the danger is realized by the majority who voted for a sane, rational HRC. That's all I can hope for.

the boy who wants to be potus

and his base of white supremcist racists...see Mr's Best, Namkai-Meche and Mr. Cole as traitors to the white race. No comments from that arena...ryan, mcconnell et al might offer tepid response to this racist attack and murders of true americans by an ameriKKKan that represents the worst ameriKKKa has to offer from the white house down to the slime that killed these true americans.

and open white supremacy

and racist ideology coming from the very top----Congress and the Presidency.....I capitalize presidency because I still have a little respect for the office.

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