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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

it IS going to worsen

white bigots, especially in 'open carry and CCW states are very aggressive, men and women, when driving. Trying to provoke a road rage situation where "they can feel threatened". I drive the roads, all over my area, everyday. They see you're brown they want to kill. Trump, bannon, miller, ivanka and jared told the racists and bigots during the campaign and everyday since that it is okay. And don't believe for one moment the head nazi bannon isn't still influencing the boy-potus and the direction this country is going. What a fucked up country, NOW!!!!! BIG TIME!!!! All I can say is they want wild, wild west, okay? Protect yourselves by all means necessary. Fuck civility.....these cretins don't know the meaning of the word.

he and his knuckle dragging

cretins are such idiots, bigots, racists, sexists......it is REALLY sad what the despicable deplorables voted for. Disgusting people. I had two at the laundry mat yesterday, eyeing me like a fool. I looked right back. He and his wife. Trump bumper stickers, jail Hillary bumper stickers. Both were cowards. I left, because they had all the good dryers occupied so I went to the other mat close by. I couldn't stand their smell or appearance truthfully speaking. Both slovenly disgusting people.

the uber environment

in the 'front office' is just like the local environment and management. Slick, lying frat boy entitled, politically RW and could care less about drivers and workers ESPECIALLY minority workers unless they are in an area of substantial minority population.

Feel sorry for the guy who killed himself because of the uber clowns. They, like their boss in the 'front office' probably laughed about it and raised a beer to the dumb n***** whom they drove to kill himself. Why would he do it though is my question. Low self-esteem? Trapped because the money was good and was spending more than he made?(trapped in our usury credit system)

Just like the american culture at large, very mean and aggressive toward all who show themselves weak in the face of their arrogant racist nature. Really mean out here with their potus showing them the way to proceed. Drivers in the general culture are mean, aggressive and rudely impatient with slow(law observant) drivers. I know I drive for one of ubers competitors and it's becoming very dangerous in the streets.

Sad for his family that he felt driven to this.


vote for a democrat, no matter what. Make the misguided or forced to follow the anti-choice meme, bluedog type democrats must be added to the Senate and House numbers, no matter what. Yet I see the "I won't do it" crowd lined up. That's why HRC lost. Too many listened to the "she's just as bad" line and didn't vote or like a ex friend of mine wasted their vote in a state where trumpchump won by a very slim margin. Will we ever learn the simple logic you laid out.

with humans able to be

some depraved miscreants, if true, the human beings being held in this prisons are suffering horribly. This world is sometimes, most times these days, very disheartening. What we actually do to each other in the name of 'right thinking' or superior sex, skin color, personal orientation is warped.

to borrow from

the man who talks to chairs...."hang em high" is what the republikkkans who say to all who oppose or look different from the 'administrators of this country that are in power at this time.

We will fight, argue and disagree but when it counts we will come together. I think the last election galvanized the Democratic constituency if not the leadership, hopefully.

Well, no surprise

in most cases like this, with people such as this, a pass is given even in threatening to kill government authorities. Now if this had been....oh well i won't belabor the point.

well, maybe it's my hearing

but I heard no "shower of boos". Just some mumbled dissatisfaction with what she verbally spewed from her lying brain and lack of conscience. People are just too civil with these uncivilized cretins posing as people of class and dignity. All trump family members INCLUDING melania deserve LOUD booing in any forum.


too soon to go...... IF there is 'rest' after passing off this plane of existence, may his be peaceful.

uncalled for and beastly

treatment of prisoner. And that clark is a AA with a loathsome killer personality aka darren wilson, zimmerman the pig. This clark fool is just indicative of how a strong slave mentality still holds sway on some AA minds. This clark fool would be the 'supervisor' of the field.......s. Period. I remember at the height of apartheid demonstrations in South Africa how black african 'police' killed other black africans at the behest of the afrikkkaners running the oppression. It's the same mentality. And it will get worse with this clark fool and all like him under the trumpchump family regime. .....BLACK OR WHITE!!!!
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