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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

not surprised

at this RW ex-general with no integrity or principle when it comes to the truth and helping the american people out this morass putin, deplorables and ALL MSM has given us in that circus-madhouse at 1600. I wrote earlier here that he was a RWer and not to be trusted.

Even had some here lauding his steady hand on the wheel of our ship of state. Well that we have veered off course, again, is no surprise as I see gen. kelly has his lips firmly planted on the ass of the potus and probably warms his bottle at night. FUCK KELLY and his boss too.

no arguement

from me.....so true...but yet I will hang on to the little hope I have that this situation we all are in, will work out for the best. The repthugliKKKans have shown who they are, for themselves, rich people only, white people and nazi white supremacists especially.

you're right

you have no clue, I totally agree. The topic is self explanatory given all who have tried their damndest to explain the topic to you...alas, to no avail.

we are essentially

an imperialist power now. Every since 2004 in this latest era...Vietnam was no fucking "domino" in that goddamn theory of kissingers. Korea was to help an ally. After that, I just can't see anything good.....we are the 21st century Roman empire less, less 1500 years, the decline is in view here if we continue to allow POS like this potus and his administration to corrode the experiment in democracy this country WAS.

well, get out there

I'm waiting....I thought so As an AA, I am ashamed at this POS potus, #the blue falcon and the rest of the racist, worthless administration running this country.....into the ground. You're a marine. You stand by the #blue falcon?

who knows

we won't ever......just glad we recovered Sgt. Johnson for some type of closure....I guess. Still too many questions for complete closure on this tragedy. The phone call heard by all in that limo is the thing sticking in my craw. And kelly and that POS potus have the gall to attack a war widow as a liar???? Shame on any and everyone who voted for this POS potus.

I understand

that contract people, blackwater or others were sent in to recover our people, both dead, missing and alive. Am I wrong? Everything spewing from this woman's mouth, just like spicer, is a lie. Period.

in this era

of ACTIVE racists running our government from top to bottom and encouraging their racist attitudes to be adopted by civilian and military alike, it is not a stretch to believe that even in one of our 'elite' units, the white soldiers were seen as priority. Nothing inappropriate of questioning, why the black guy? Was he still alive when left? Was he killed by hostile fire or.......many, many questions are arising in this old vet's mind who served 13 months in a small base camp in a country where 'fragging' became a household word.


always the first one....always. I am so angry they left him on the field of battle in hostile territory for 2 goddamn days. Meanwhile back at the ranch the other KIA's and WIA's were being taken care of. Was Sgt. Johnson still alive when left behind? That's my question.

oh man

how condescendingly insulting of this grown woman wanting to know that she was sure it was her husband, that this government sent into harms way to be killed in what is now being recognized as a setup/ambush. NOTHING, NOTHING this administration claims can be believed.

I am sure her mental processing skills are just as astute as yours. She is a military wife by god, she is capable. Goddamn, all these armchair counselors are sickening.
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