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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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he was voted in by people who feel the same and could care less about leadership, diversity and equality. Now those voters not only have this POS but president bannon and his boy-potus puppet.

golden shower boy-potus

is missing and not firing on all cylinders, so I don't care about the flynn trumpster flailing...I worry more about the so called boy potus and the real power behind him...but I am hoping for an extreme meltdown of this whole administration of nazis and flynn gives me hope the insanity is contagious....or maybe it's the other way around?????? HMMMM........geez...I'm so confused...


I have heard it A LOT!!!! People are afraid and fear breeds desperation sometimes......and violent resistance to the cause(s) of that fear....WWII resistance fighters against nazis all over Europe...anyone remmeber that???? Please....people are afraid out here...hell I'm afraid of losing my SS and VA benefits. These POS in the WH now don't like old people or vets.....old people....expendable...vets..... assets to die for the fuhrer bannon...the end.

well tamaron hall, al roker and joy reid

against the likes of megyn kelly and van susteran...who wins consistently in this society? No contest and now in the new nazi ameriKKKa where these MSM outlets will soon become the propaganda disseminators,....BIG TIME...for the steve bannon presidency...well...it's so fucking obvious as has ameriKKKan racism always been to those on the receiving end....good night ameriKKKa.....

I truly hope

President Barack Hussein Obama tells all of us what he truly thinks of bannon and his puppet. If disrespect happens, so be it....."statesman" or not. Can't wait for his book on his years as the sanest POTUS we've seen in a long time.

this is what

bannon wants, confrontation so as to say "see, all we tried to do is protect ameriKKKans", which they are already saying with their anti muslim edict. THEY WANT OPEN WARFARE, not mccain or graham as conway tried to use as foils. They want to prove, that after 8 years of the AA POTUS Barack Hussein Obama, that the white male can still be construed as the person to be considered dangerous and in control over the brown people, other minorities and the women of the world and our nation. And respect will never be what they demand....

Many will never admit

they were wrong about these sexist, racist clowns actually running our country now Well both HRC and Bernie DID NOT win and we all have to put that campaign situation well behind us and get onto the real business of trying to save this country and the world for future generations. If enough people peacefully resist until they start killing us, which I think is coming with the brown shirts emboldened now (KKK-White supremacist militias)by their hero...bannon..he still has contact with them and is guiding them, guaranteed, we will win or go down fighting

Our work is beginning to take shape...and I at 69 and diminished physically will do what I can at local demonstrations and in speaking out against the nazis at every turn....in every venue I'm in..

We will win, decency does have a place in the human history of cruelty and inhumanity that we have shown to each other based on some very trivial criteria, race, sex, religion, national origin ect. We have started greatly and significantly with the Women's March day after inauguration and the ongoing demonstrations and outrage at the boy-potus and his head minion bannon's edicts about muslims. And have no doubt that as soon as they have put immigrants under subjugation, women's rights will be attacked, minority rights both racially and sexual orientation will be attacked.

We are legion also...


who will protect americans from you bigot ameriKKKans?


many here, both AA and other decent people, knew just what to expect with this racist clown and said so, many, many times...those who came into our group counseling patience and 'splaining' that we didn't have the proper context in which to demonize their then upcoming boy-potus didn't and don't understand the experience of oppression and how easy it is to feel a racist...yes feel. I didn't understand bannons role, but I do now-he is the potus...trump is front boy for this racist administration...well my conscience is clear and ALL feelings of the true nature of the RW in this country have been shown to be true. AmeriKKKa has finally shown the world its true nature....I just hope we have enough people of strength and conscience to be a proper counterbalance to that nature this culture has been producing for generations.

bannon is setting precedent

for upcoming 'secret' missions and their probable consequence to innocents here and abroad. I really worry about these clowns having so much military power at their alt-right-racist disposal....I am really quite worried
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