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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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I've watched my "political allies" sit on their high horse for 50 years always looking down upon me with 'compassion and empathy' shining in their eyes, saying "I'm on your side" and then ride off into the sunset never looking back but shouting, "it's going to get better, you'll have your eqaulity one day" and NOTHING IS REALLY DIFFERENT from that time 46 years ago when I ran the police gauntlet of nightsticks during a protest against Spiro Agnew.

The gauntlet now consists of bullets and in the case of Sandra Bland, she had no chance to escape execution. My true "allies" are few and far between my liberal and progressive "ally" and this is exactly why racism, white supremacisrs and the New American Nazi Party has so many members that 300million+ americans can't hide that fact. Hell their leader is running for POTUS to put AA, women and all muslim and hispanic people "back in their place". Racist hate is still a sad fact of life for millions subject to it on ALL levels of american society because my "allies" are too far and few between. Thank God The new generation of activists like BLM are out there now pissing off the "allies" because AA can't wait any longer for the "allies" to climb off their high horse and join the fray in numbers that will let the hate faction(s) of america understand they are outnumbered. AA people are truly still fighting an uphill battle with racist and their army(s) and with very few "allies" in the coalition.

This site has shown me what my "allies" are all about when it has come to the murder/executions of AA people from Trayvon Martin to Mr. Scott. So as summation, I feel you are saying my white "allies" are my only chance to see true "white privilege" equality in my lifetime, my childrens life and my grandchildrens lifetime, so don't piss us off? I am sick and tired of the high horse riders speaking down to me. "You better keep your mouth closed, we won't help you if you piss us off". Ahhh BULLSHIT!!!!!, I am quitting the site here precisely because I have seen my "allies" and it's very difficult to find them in this crowd now and truly has been difficult for the last 40+ damn years. This site and it's liberals and progressives has shown me some very sincere and true allies, yet they, in cases like the murder of AA people by whites, have shown themselves to be a pitiful few. To all I've responded to in these subthreads on the murder(s)/executions of Mr. Martin all the way up to Mr. Scott and who have 'warned' my from their high horses not piss off the good "allies" and even got many good AA's banned, shut down and pissed off on this site, you were NEVER an ally in the first damn place. NO FUCKING DOUBT. I will be PM'ing who I feel are true allies. To the rest. Go on, keep riding those high horses, the can't last forever. I am done with my "allies" here.

summary execution it was

and I see you got in your dig at BLM which is at least keeping racist issues and people front and center. People who disregard the truth aren't worth worrying about. They never saw the truth of this execution and many others since Trayvon Martin. It's called write them off on this end also. No sweat. Don't need you.

you have no idea

what Mr. Scott was thinking. You are replying in your response with an opinion of what you surmised Mr. Scott was thinking and reacting to. Holds no water, like a sieve.

typical answer

concerning the execution of this man. Just typical andd very sad to read on this site answers from so many murder apologists when it comes to AA that are hung up in a biased justice system in the first place. So I get your point, he deserved to die because he was a felon. How many white felons are out there with guns....what do you think....one......two......

so he deserved to die, right?

okay if you say so.....

she is laughable

and full of it like the sad excuse of a man on stage last evening. Their spin is pathetic. He didn't mention it because Hillary and Bill wouldd have kicked that a.., metaphorically of course....

men want to control

Period. HRC was serious appropriately and smiled sincerely when the buffoon stuck his foot in his mouth. HRC was commanding thoughout.

he rambled, bullied and drank water

while sniffing whatever substance affecting that addled brain cell he has.

HRC cruised, crushed and left the trumpenfuhrer in her dust. She is a true leader for this country. Hands ddown..

don't have to

they have pointed themselves out. All anyone has to do is read all the comments concerning this and other recent incidents. Nothing to do with "inconvenience" either. Look here "a malignant ape has been let off his lease" by the Tea Party, the republican party and RW americans and that malignancy is infecting americans of all stripes and Party's. Those video's wherever they are released are obvious in their intent and personally I don't care how much you or anyone else here denies it, america has shown it's ass these last few months with the rise of the malignant ape as a candidate for Reichwing america and for the last 7+ years because a man of color, a good man won two elections. Have a real good one, yah heah.

god bless america, 2016

I been sayin it and sayin it, these ARE the foot soldiers of the new fuhrer of the New Nazi Party of amerikkka. They will, IF, be the worst of the worst of the trumpshirts. America, will you ever recover from this opened box of Pandora's hate and racism?
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