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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

he's got his nerve!!

when are people going to quit being so complacent about his banking and international dealings? This con should be under the jail....but no, he's the republican candidate for POTUS....WTF!!!

excuses, excuses

you can't fool all the people all the time with lies and bullshit......it's global warming/climate change.....wonder how our hurricane season will turn out.....since Katrina.....always on my mind

the world

is watching us........and this dangerous con man..........

fine points and I agree 100 %

yet I have been going round and round with myself in trying to understand this country, especially a so-called democracy such as we survive in, that could put forward a candiddate like this racist, fascist, mysogynistic republican. Is America this morally and culturally depraved? Has the center of the political spectrum, both left and right been overwhelmed by the tactics of the extreme fringe of the RW? It seems so. It's not just the RW media, they are just channeling Goebbels, so we must also ask ourselves where the people that have voted and will vote for this 21st century Fuhrer and Nazi Party came from and why were they were ignored, in spite of the warnings of Charleston et al, until the RW media could mine their hate so effectively.

It was because the hate and racism only affected all minorities and all women. Yet in the snippets of the RW hate fest in Cleveland that I allowed myself to view showed me that people who should be concerned, minorities and women, are standing side by side with someone who will do his everloving best to bring women and minorities, especially people who are DEMANDING a place at the American dinner table, back into the bygone era that they feel will make America white supremacy great again.

Americans who are going to vote for d. trump are no better than the germans who idolized HITLER. Yet these americans are not suffering an econimic Depression,
nor do we have any Versailles Treaty to take away national pride that has to be restored again. We are the only superpower alleging itself to be a democracy on this planet but again we fail ourselves by being rascist and misygonistic.

d.trump has shown me how deep the racism is in this country. A vote for HRC will be a vote against that hate but I hope the numbers that vote for the nazi will be enough to finally wake up decent americans to a national debate on our anti-democratic issues, like racism. An AA POTUS was voted in, race relations and cultural division are worse than at any time in our country's existence. When HRC gains the WH, watch the mysogyny come to the forefront as virulently and as hateful as racism has come out of it's closet these last 7+ years.

I hope america grows up one day faces and solves our divisive issues.

we can always hope

errrrrhhh...have hope.

this American

shows how far the republicans like those who would vote for someone like trump have fallen. To all those shouting about american values and character on the RW end of the political spectrum this American has put your hypocrisy on view for the entire world to finally understand. A vote for trump is a vote to turn this country over to the nazi party of america. May the sacrifice of this man's son not be in vain.

huge dose of reality here

I was born bi-racial 1948. STILL in 2016, same damn thing. Sad the hate people hold in their heart and generationally perpetuate.

what else can they do

but distance themselves from this trump clone. He disparges all vets and our service to this country, she disparages the parents of an honored vet of this nation... this is the perfect representation of what and who the new nazi party exactly are. They who will still vote(party loyalty) for their fuhrer know their protestations are all kabuki to keep their base of ignorant and hateful human beings wondering...and confused.


and we are no closer to solving the problems Malcolm X points out that generationally continue to perpetuate racism. With trump and his chumps now actually in a position to attain the White House the "chickens are truly coming home to roost". Another thing that mentor of mine said. White privilege and it's twin white supremacy is poised to ONCE AGAIN be the law of the land. Sad, really sad this slide back into the abyss of stupidity, ignorance and hate based on one thing........the color of ones skin....sad indeed that hate can be so very deep in some people, nay, a lot of people.

Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas et al

supporting the NNPA(New Nazi Party of America and ANY 'good' police officer afraid to tell the truth about these murders such as that female police officer who spoke up about the two recent, media covered executions by white police officers. 2015: 15% of unarmed people shot by police were white, 25.4 Hispanic and 31.9 AA. These numbers are from 'The Counted' as publishedd by the Guardian. I am not nor is the OP author the ones keeping us divided......fail on that tip. From Zimmerman to the recent murderers in blue, this is the dividing line between good, majority of american citizens, and a very evil, a very powerful minority with the state authorized power of extra judicial execution, for the uninitiated, the power of life and death.
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