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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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America is a racist nation

along with many other racist nations. Period. I have lived in them and know many people of color who have recently traveled to other countries.

those conversations are

very accurate and are reflective of the larger problem of white racism in america. Deflecting and distracting won't make the truth less paletable because you have your observations. Racism is alive, well and growing again in america. I have to deal with this fact, which is not a generalization, so should you. Please pull your head from the sand.


especially, last comment


especially inauguration 2008


I did and wasn't surprised to see this shift in racial relations, for the the worse, although with the election of Barack Hussein Obama I was hoping for a paradigm shift. Yet with each new generation producing racial hate and suspicion, either in the homes or with the help of mass media, Fox News, hate radio and the Internet and now the Trump run for POTUS the most prominent tools of racial hate agitation today, I fear this country's citizens just are not strong enough, socially, to EVER turn ourseles to the more important aspects of life on this planet, with saving our planet from the damage our presence here is causing as a priority. No, we in this country, and it is not the only racist country, are forced to be suspicious and hateful of each other because of our sordid slavery and segregation past, enabled and justified by religion, Southen Baptist most guilty, among others.

The seed of racial hate was planted many generations ago and HAS blossomed into large grove of "bitter fruit" laden trees in many communities and 'burbs' across our nation. These groves are allowed to stand by the people who nurture them. These 'nurturers' are legion.

I just hope the legion represented by many here are strong enough to see those groves of trees hewn down and burned. I have no hope of this happening though, after seeing grandparents, parents and myself having to deal with the same ignorance, stupidity and just plain unreasoned hate as this new generation is experiencing now in the persona of Trump and his followers.

I've heard in my travels, "I will never be put into camps, made a slave again", even 7 year old children are afraid of being a slave I found out after talking with a teacher of at risk children. Sad indeed what this country has been forced to realize with the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

21st century

and still no respect for the Native-american culture(s) or religious concerns. More cultural genocide in the making by profit hungry, greedy people. I hope the Great Sioux Nation will, legally, find away to stop these people from destroying what is a sacred place.

black people should care about black on black

intraracial crime in our communities, but the repubs don't want us to realize race relations got worse because of Obama'a color, not policies. Race relations got a very bad kick in the pants that first Inaugural Ball with the likes of o'connel and ryan et al plotting the destruction of our POTUS and his legacy. Bullshit republicans don't want us to thinking to deeply and realize who is really responsible for the worsening race relations and MURDERS of unarmed, innocent black men, women and CHILDREN. To hell with white republican rushbots.

well here's another

section of our living environment just waiting to be destroyed by a profit greedy corp. Good bye Tanzania, hello envoronmental destruction, probably disaster.

elections? Trump as POTUS ? Yeah we'll see, okay, but does this

also have anything to do with the rise of China's renminbi to world currency status, rivaling, seriously, the dollar, pound and even the euro along with a host of others?

If not, okay....but the quiet machinations behind the current world financial drama playing out because of the China world currency bid which has been granted.....in conjuction with AIIB who touts a 40 nation signatory list....Britain, Germany and Australia on that list in favor of the conversion of the yuan, leads me to see it this way.

yeah right

IF this chump ends up the repub candidate to sit his ass down in the Oval Oficce come January, it will be because the extreme ignorance being shown by his followers allows the media to gin up his 'popular' numbers. This will cause the oligarchs 'capitulation' to the media driven lie of 'popular will' by agitating and manipulating the numbers, the chump will be installed and our 'democracy' will finally be done, for 4-8-years maybe forever. In 2000 there was a coup d'etat by ROVE-CHENEY-HARRIS and company this will keep us at each others throats for a long, long time racially and 'culturally', the precedent has been set.

Just the spectre is frightening. Even the high school students in the so-called liberal enclave/bubble I live in are writng in chalk all around their school, "build the wall, make it tall". It is being done, it was found out, by the baseball team en masse with a few holdouts who are catching peer and teamate hell. Another generation of ignorance and stupidity on the way to spread hate. The world is awash in blood and misery, the fascist elements of the dictatorial leaning Rightwing are surging....I pray we have the numbersin the upcoming GE, in this country, that are so overwhelming that any manipulation of the winners numbers in our POTUS horserace can be contested. I doubt that it would given the precedent set by 2000 but there's always hope...isn't there.. 1933......
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