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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

primary lesson to be taught

to every young black person, especially males around the age of Tamir Rice. Very important and timely cartoon.

prisons for profit

helped "wipe out" her progressive claims in my book. So that's two. Voted for Iraq war, don't care how many apologies she offers. Dog whistle campaign in her first run for POTUS. To me Bill's welfare reform and prisons for profit progams tells me EVERYTHING about how she thinks of the miserably poor and minorities.

people forget

Diem, Nhu, Ky all corrupt dictators propped up by the U.S. When they served no purpose to the U.S. PTB at that time, they were done away with in one manner or other. Jane Fonda, rich or not, did what her conscience led her to do. Hell. I'm an army brat whose family has served this country in the military since Buffalo Soldier days. I turned against that 'war' just like I knew the 2nd Iraq incursion was political postering and protecting our oil assets. Look at our mess our leaders made of the region. Susan Sarandon has a right to suppoert anyone she pleases and I will go to the mat to protect that right.


not a vet I am proud to be associated with. He's a pig, racist fascist who deserves jail time for a hate crime. Big heart on the punchee, but a little to kind to someone who would have had him hung 50-60 years ago, right outside the venue so that all walking out could see.

the BDC

didn't help Obama one iota over the last 7+ years, that for damn sure. Fuck the BDC, won't influence who I might vote for as my nominee, ever.

what can be expected

this is "post racial" america. Or is is pre -1964-5 amerikkka? Don't even bother to answer. I know where we're headed, especially in this era of trump fever. Back to the "good old days". Where black and brown people knew "their place" and women knew their place, "barefoot and pregnant" in the kitchen.

hope springs eternal

would be welcome. As to the "bridge burner" reference. The PTB can't handle it when their bridgees are burned with the truth and ALWAYS try to put it off on the other guy.


but he is vulnerable in that department himself. I'm just going to wait out this primary madness and the MSM money machine playing up this fascist clown. They're only creating this kabuki theater with their very talented actor to fill its coffers run because MSM is compromised and run by evil people. American politics has really shown its corrupt side this cycle.

american politics

is fatally corrupted by MONEY and powerful people wielding its influence and control.

god is

whatever or whoever that is. The bible, just another holy book with grains of truth, the rest is human agenda tampering. The churches and their leaders, especially radical christianity and islam, a god awful sham bent on control of the masses and a welcome tool to politicians.
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