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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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not surprised

these racist cowards are the scum of the earth and trump embraces THEM ALL.

Obama's election

really sent these people over the edge to the point that they are showing the world that AMERICA'S ASSHOLES are a very large subgroup that has come out from the sewars, swamps and from under slimy rocks to plague decent people. GOD!!!!! There are just so many of them that have stayed out of sight until our current POTUS assumed the helm. The last 7+ years of extra judicial killings(summary executions by police) and people like this who applaud and wallow in their racism stink to high heaven from what they are wallowing in and HAVE SHOWN ME HOW FAR THIS COUNTRY still HAS TO GO TO CALL ITSELF A POST RACIAL SOCIETY. I regurgitate bile everytime I hear that bullshit.

thank you

for truth to power.


The only reason black people in miserably ghettoized living conditions are so angry that we take that anger out on each other so easily is because of a racist culture always oppressing and executing PoC summarily, continously for generations. To have to be subject to a society's hate for generations does not a peaceful person make. The ONLY "worms", cowards and "animals" are the people who are racist and continuing the lies such as this. We will get better and more loving toward one another and I bet change in white society will speed up. MY PROOF OF THE THE IMMENSE AND WIDESPREAD WHITE RACIST HATE IN America CAN BE FOUND ON THE INTERNET EVERY FUCKING DAY.


that this preening, self important caricature of a presdential nominee IS a perfect reincarnation of the clown that drove Italy into the ground.

no need to do research

Trump. They ARE your base of Trumpchumps. And they are hateful enough to believe your bullshit. You and your campaign have let the world see how cancerous racial hate is in this culture. Thank you.

we must vote

No matter how tarnished our nominee is.....don't give the RW the victory they want. Only numbers count. IF enough vote, then IF the vote is obviously corrupted by the oligarchs and the suspicions of many is proven to be correct and only the person the monied class wants will ever be the "Leader of the 'free' world", then we will have a starting point to take back our vote and make this a better democracy where our vote truly counts.

how nauseating

All of these words and murder, war and more displaced persons(war refugees) since the end of WWII is the only outcome. It seems this has been the human condition since the alleged murder of Abel by his brother except now it's helped along by Secretary's of State and U.N. resolutions with a lot of important sounding words that lead to grief for hundreds of thousands of innocents. These people ' in charge' and making decisions worldwide JUST DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US.


I do agree, totally with your assessment of ALL pols.

not surprising at all

since they have ALWAYS been among us in varying degrees of cowardice and courage that Trump as allowed them to display openly now. When the election is over and this pissant trump crashes in flames, his supporters will crawl back under their rock and wait for the next racist fascist to show up on our political scene.
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