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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

of course

he will be one of those thrown under the bannon bus wheels. The 'cleansing' of the Democratic Party is underway. And it just won't be Ellison, it will come all the way down to the rank and file. Guaranteed. If Ellison is cleansed, the Party will get nothing else from me. It's because he's a Muslim, I suspect.

they are trying

to put as much lipstick on this fuhrerpig as they can before January 20, 2017. The world IS WATCHING our circus here and laughing these asses off when not in fear of the new administration coming in to put their grimy, racist sticky with metaphorical bloody hands on the levers of power, then the blood of AA, gays, independent women and resisters' will be real.

productive, challenge?

You're hilarious and the clutter comes from those who are saying trumpfuhrer voters are just poor, in pain white rust bucket. ...uuhhh.... belt males who are misunderstood. I'll be watching the "productive discussions and challenges" closely, already am. I hope you "productives" get your fantasy forum, really.

many here WILL NOT

admit the truth even when it is spelled out to them by the trumpfuhrer, steven bannon and trumpfuhrers personal friend alec jones. I am through with em. When the feces hits the rotating oscillator and the crosses start burning again and the nooses are thrown over that stout branch, their fallback will be to feign surprise and shock at the carnage and brutality of trumpfuhrer and his unofficial brownshirts that are on the rampage now.

Hell no they aren't

ALL white. It's a fact the 8% AA, 30% latinos, 19% Asian, and whites, male and females voted overwhelmingly for the racistpotus-in-waiting. Yet the fact remain that those who voted for the trumpfuhrer-in-waiting ARE overwhelmingly racist and self hating. No promises please. I'm done with promises from ameriKKKa and MOST americans.

yes they are

period. In a humiliating loss like this, many people are calling for embracing the racists and throwing others under the bus, permanently to make our party all inclusive for the oh so whipped and pained white male who just had to vote for a fucking racist because they were in such pain with all these immigrants, AA, independent women, Muslims, gays around them, just taking space, jobs, from ....who?. Geez, all those people have caused so much pain for the dixiecrats. Get real.

no, the OP is correct

many mainstream democrats are struggling with how to win the dixiecrats back. The poll is worded correctly. Intellectualizing and 'splainin how it should be "worded" to appeal to the overwhelming numbers of racist disaffected white people(males) a majority of whom voted for the potusfuhrer-in-waiting will not turn some of them from racists to bigots. So it's bigoted vs racist. Right? I don't want a racist in my tent on my back. The white males and females who voted for the trumpfuhrer are overwhelmingly RACIST!!!!!!!What don't you people understand about that FACT. Obfuscating that point will NOT make that fact untrue!!!!!!!!!!!

there goes my VA benefits also


my old ass 69 years

is ready to go to the barricades. We have the will to resist, we just won't have the firepower I fear. But what the hell, Vietnamese kicked our mighty military ass and soldiers are still dying in Afghanistan, so continuous resistance is the key. We will be fighting for our rights, again. But this time it will be for the right to stay alive, not go hungry or die for needed medical care. When SS is cut off, only farm enclaves will help.....

"New campaign tactics, new type of candidate"???

okay, you spell it out. Who, what, when, how.
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