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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

last cartoon

excellent example of the generations long disrespect, harrassment and ethnic cleansing of the First Americans. Where is the DOJ standing on this issue?

a neighbor actually

comes to our bb ques actually and YES I WILL!!!! As he treats me now. Definite cooling toward me, so his loss and neighbors otherwise say they are voting Hillary. Ain't never going to be any of that "turn the other cheek" shit, ever again in amerikkka, from me. Any clown look at me sideways, fuck them. I know what a huge number of amerikkkans feel about me and other people trying to accept all as just human and struggling to make some sense of this existence now, and in this day and age of instant connection that hate can never be swept under the rug again. Amerikkka you have shown the world your stained, stinking underwear and that stain and stink will never come out.

Amerikkka with a large white nationalist/supremacist Party. Who woulda thunk it???? Me.

white men with guns

who threatened to shoot federal officials, took over government land, not paying taxes/fees were told go home and be free. Talk about being white privileged!!!!!! My most vivid memory was of that asshole on the overpass sighted in on federal officials with his rifle, looked to be a piss bringing semi-automatic with selector switch for auto. Not even a slap on the wrist. Do I even wonder where black men with guns, defending their 'rights' aka bundy would be today? Dead, wounded, and thrown under the prison by now. America is so fucked up. Trump proves it. His followers prove it and I am enraged more and more each day. Slow burn until November 8.....9. This email shit is disgusting in its use by MSM idiots posing as jounalists to discredit HRC.

good points

temperment is my stumbling block with these hateful people. We shall see.

like I said

all your words and my analogy is still on target. I would never believe Gallup in a poll measuring something that is obviously trying to put a good face on the murder/execution of unarmed citizens of color. I stand by my EVERY word. If anything I said/wrote offends you, I hope you'll get over it, if not.........

I would never tie you to trump

I am only responding to ALL your posts in OP. All I have to say is BLM came into being for a reason and it wasn't because the police deserved their respect. Plus DWB, WWB, LWB, being a child while black, being in a jail cell while black, doing nothing while black and still getting shot and hung does not respect engender. Fuck Gallup, I took the class, 'How to Lie with Statistics while in college. Gallup means nothing, to me and believe me, a lot of people.

I'm sure you believe

what you believe about the police, but trump believes, still, that he is going to win. So go for it.

but, but

a major percentage of that "big segment" who are "angry andd scared to death" are angry and scared to death of a pretty large segment of this population, AA's, most minorities and south of the border people looking for and willing to work for a better life, and they hate the woman I hope will be POTUS. Mainly because she is a woman and not white male as they have made clear with our present POTUS for the last 7+ years.

While I share your desire for all beings of the human race to have hope and confidence of a better life no matter where they live, those you want to try to lift up will only do it while standing on the backs and stomping 'others' into the dirt because of the color of their skin, their gender, place of birth and sexual orientation.

I'm willing to cooperate. Are they?


a song penned by a racist slaveholder was never written with all americans in mind. Just the privileged. No one with brown skin, ever.

American justice

shameful how with brown skin you are guilty until proven innocent and with all others, especially the privileged ones, it's the exact opposite. And it has ALWAYS worked that way in this country. North, South East, West.
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