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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

I know damn well

It wasn't an HRC supporter. Now let's see...what candidate running as a democrat has the dubious distinction of having many supporters that refer to a huge segment of the democratic party voting block as....not important......hmmmmmm

unlike the trumpchumps supporting

The fascist, who by the way is rolling in their adoration like a dog in a pile of manure, I can't believe that Sanders appreciates some supporters like are found here who claim to be progressive and liberal yet have shown their TRUE political, cultural and racial inclinations/leanings by statements that leave a POC out in the cold, politically and racially, again.

HRC is a centrist, just like many here, who's past voting record and perceived racist shenanigans by both she and Bill during her run against our current POTUS and during the other democratic administration leaves a lot to be desired by this POC

Sanders only has to let his staff filter it down through the ranks that racist, ignorant supporters better go back underground with their hate and hide the racist knives and get back to smiling in the faces of those they hate, as has been done for generations, and continuing to fake their enforcing liberal progressivness. IF he should win the nomination he would as HRC would get my vote. Even if O'Malley should slip in the same goes.

Yet it cannot be denied that a lot of dubious supporters of Bernie have caused a lot of problems to their candidate by offending good POC who possibly would have voted for BS and have poisoned the air for decent and civil debate irredeemably. And I see civility degrading much much more here, racially and politically, in the coming year.


Just basically watching the kabuki theatre here. And the descent into madness by many here. I've been taught some very good lessons on hypocrisy from this site. Also it has made me understand racism, expected entitlement of a subculture of Americans much better. Have made only the decision to vote for whoever we put out there for the GE. Just to try to keep the fascists out of power. Will be the further degradation of our 'democracy'. Glad to see you and the few true thinkers still trying to pierce the darkness here....I'm out here letting people know about how our system really works for people who are not sheep and followers of the 'verbal bling'.

not surprising or shocking

Glad their post was not allowed to stand....need more of that oversight on DU generally. Not enough in the political season that people feel allows them to spew their most base and crude comments which turn out to be a true reflection of American culture. Sometimes I wonder why Americans can't get it's program together racially. But then I just end up at the realization(s)again. It and it's large and growing racist subculture doesn't want to. PERIOD!!!!!


you will

Never get past the entitled blindness of the many here and elsewhere. You are right on the mark

if found to be true

Wouldn't surprise me. I have learned a lot about BS supporters by reading their comments on DU and in attending local BS meeting. It was enough for me to understand what an outsider could expect from a lot of his base supporters

did America learn

How to treat POC from Nazi Germany or did Nazi Germany learn how to treat POC from America? Same question regarding s. Africa during it's apartheid era.....I believe the answer is apparent. The lesson is still being taught to the world in this the 21st century....leader of the world....true

the beat goes on

While I applaud Sen. Sanders and his war vote and not surprised by HRC's war vote, as long as the bankers, industry/Walton types/their lobbyists along with the influence of the hawks in congress, both party's and the Pentagon the beat of the war drums has not changed from my service time in Vietnam to this marine's experience. We will see what Sanders will do about those drums IF he is elected

I have always had

Mixed feelings about his "leadership" position in my life. He does not have a dependable track record in REALLY appealing to a large cross section of the AA community. His attacks on our POTUS moved me from the mixed column to firm and sure. He does NOT represent me.
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