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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

why is it, that every AA

I know and at my polling place, many, many AA were in lines voting. All this bullshit and polls and such about AA not voting is disinformation, to be kind about how we democrats misread the levels of hate and racism that resides in the heart of this democracy with the seeping putrid leakage that makes a 'Love Canal' appear to be a trivial trickle. A poisonous leakage now on full display for the world to see. The racist pigs of ameriKKKa, who outnumber AA so far, population wise, got off their lazy asses and got out this time because of the trillion dollars of FREE air time by our MSM given the racist pig who is incoming POTUS..... All this BS and such is further attempts to besmirch AA's and their desire to not have a racist pig as POTUS. WE VOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And anyone's little graphs and polls mean more disinformation to me. No one is doing a disenfranchisement poll, nationwide. How many AA's were turned away because of 50's type voting regulations geared toward them by local republiKKKans?? No one is really pursuing that angle. I started to but I ended up saying, to hell with it. Their ability to vote was squashed by racist pigs and now we have a pig racist as POTUS. Doesn't matter. If he didn't have to show his taxes and wasn't made to do so, if his very own words didn't kill his campaign, then any 'discovery' be me or anyone else would be ignored and wouldn't change anything anyway, with a republiKKKan House and Senate. But I mean this, you have a safe New Year....

oh poor rural ameriKKKa

who" voted for Obama twice". Not buying it. Like a poster upthread, they saw the new fuhrers bigotry and racism. They bought it. They HEARD his sexist mindset, firsthand, they bought, lock ,stock and barrel as they loaded their magazines with 9 and 10 mm rounds designed to kill in one shot. I am gloating. I am desiring to see them end up experiencing what a lot of' urban' folks have been experiencing for generations, pain and desperation at no jobs or hope because of the type of greed and avarice practiced by their new fuhrer and his base who at the bottom are racist. For a generation now, for the painfully poor 'urban' dweller, there was NO hue and cry as I am hearing from the "oh poor trumpfuhrer voter" crowd. Man I am so sick of the hypocrisy and soft core racism that permeates this culture which is hard to defeat if one who practices it can't admit it in themselves. Hardcore racism, can be dealt with, they are in the open now shouting "build the wall" among other insults directed toward minorities all the way up to the First Family, so they are marked . Yeah they may have voted for Obama twice, but many of them are now telling Michelle to go back to Africa and join her APE brethren. Yeah a quote. While many won't openly go that far, many now will and the others are full of hate and thinking it.

Go ahead feel sorry for your brethren. It's to be expected and tell these people it was republicans and profit hungry CEO's/corporations seeking to destroy unions and get rid of high medical costs, which is another story of american greed, that started the job exodus from this country aided by democrats who had no other choice but to sign the bills of the republiKKKans. I have watched the 'urban' decay for a generation or two now and the desperation and pain of those living in dire poverty, through no real fault of their own, that has decimated a lot of 'urban' communities. Now all the sudden I am supposed to feel some empathy for those "poor rural communities" when none came from them EVER Not buying it. Naw, I'm through with this "please feel sorry " for racist, sexists who voted for a fuhrer and his party. Tell them to keep voting for fascists, they will get what they want, later rather than sooner, if ever, while the 'urban' communities will continue on a business as usual basis, forgotten as as has been for generations and willfully overlooked. Have a goodnewyear.

subset, whole set

not much difference, really. You hang on to your skewed sense of fair play while I prepare for the tsunami coming January 20th. You won't be in my corner, so I just keep moving until I find safe ground and people to rely on. Have a good, safe new and upcoming year, which you probably will.....all of you here and on other forums and your proving skin color is thicker than integrity and principle in this "trumpfuhrer voters are misunderstood and deserve love, compassion and kindness" and the "deplorables" are a "subset"....really? Tell me anything

No one, from any "subset", in those trump fuhrer rallies where the future brownshirts attacked PoC, both men and women, stood up and said stop doing this. I saw these attacks. The ones our jaundiced media reported on, there were many others where just hate and threat kept obvious protesters of color from doing their american duty in trying to stop the ameriKKKan fuhrer of the brownshirts from being elected. There is your subset. Where!!!!!!!! Everywhere. The whole crowd jeered and encouraged. I have eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind that reasons, properly. Again have a good newyear.

shades of 1933 nazi germany

the brownshirts are and will be, in numbers, roaming our neighborhoods looking for likely victims. Their fuhrer told them this was okay and his son-in-law is jewish....but since he's the uber rich son of a crooked real estate magnate, he's different. Right?

trump voters by and large don't feel

PoC are human beings, how many times in just the last week was Michelle Obama referred to as an ape? Hell that's just a small example of how ignorant white people, the voter for trumpfuhrer, view our First Family. Why should I care if someone calls it truthfully like it is and they are. They are no more human than they feel about me, a man of brown skin or any PoC up to and including our First Family. I agree totally with the one you are responding to. When the nooses come out and the lynching picnics(they did that in the 50's, 40's) are a weekly event....I won't be able to hide in plain sight as many will who are counseling patience and compassion towards the overwhelming number of racists and bigots that voted for their new fuhrer to lead them to the white paradise behind a huge wall and with muslims gone and PoC "back in their place" under the heel of trumpshirts. Hate begats hate and their hate is evident. I hate a trump voter....I know exactly what they are and I wouldn't waste spit on them either, if they were on fire.

I don't see that

contention. Trump voters are racist, sexist and xenophobic......this tendency to try to protect them from people telling it like they are is suspect to me. Go pat em on the back and tell them they are good americans if that will make you feel more american, but this is not my ameriKKKa anymore, so I don't really care for this soft approach to bigots and racists who voted for the trumpfuhrer racist bigot......I will be in their face as much as they are in mine, double, triple....you go pat em on the back and tell them it's okay they voted for a racist bigot if you want.


that the rallies of trumpfuhrer were racist to the point that protestors who were PoC were attacked and beaten. Trump didn't dog whistle he fog horned his racist, bigoted intent on making ameriKKKa white again, even though PoC, muslims, women have all died in defense of the cowardly racists that now are the power group in D.C. THAT'S UN-AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not just political views..........it's race, sex and white supremacy ideology. Wake up!!!! Things are not business as usual since the ascension of this 21st century fuhrer to power.

yep, and they don't care

he's a tool for the true power brokers in that city of corruption. Trump is only kept around because he is the representative figurehead of the white racist supremacist group(s) now in power in D.C. Tsunami coming and it won't stop at the coast. Since ameriKKKa is such a democracy the white male racists will obfuscate, distract and divert attentions away from their true goal....the white male in power to stay........and the world will go on, around us. until someone slips up and pushes the wrong button.....

of course he lives in buffalo

of course there is little chance of that happening. My post means what it says. I hope he gets what's coming to him and that is that the hate he has given out returns to him double, triple and that it hurts him badly. Maybe he'll be at a zoo and an angry gorilla gets him. That also goes for trumpfuhrer, his followers and the "soft" core racists trying to make like trump and his devotees like this palladino clown deserve some kind of kindness and understanding. That's what is implied in my post. Have a good one.

it's tough living

as a minority PoC ALL THE TIME, in Texas and the rest of this racist nation.
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