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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

that's the second time

you've thrown up the New Black Panther Party to me. I don't like much of what I see on the political scene right now, I pray for a Joe Biden. At least I know where he's coming from without all the honey laden promises giving us all assurance that if, "you vote for me, I'll set you free", from economic woes, maybe institutional and system wide racist problems perpetrated by "toxic" hateful white people. I like the fact of a POC defending themselves from those same "toxic" white people mentioned. So YES I support the New Black Panther Party, and you really should try to hide your fear of them better. You're embarrassing yourself.

I can take your snark and bullshit as long as you put it out there and with much more aplomb than I find in many here. Have a good one.

SOME of his current supporteres ARE

NO DOUBT, even the enthusiastic supporting BS care claiming many creepublicans are enamored with their candidate. And yes I can and will as long as others....are slinging theirs....I will be holding my nose when pulling the lever no matter who the democratic candidate is in the GE...also, no doubt.

This is bs

the difference is obvious

look these clowns are getting voted into office by american voters. A majority has voted these type clowns in so it tells anyone with sense that a majority could give a fuck less about the 'working mother'. It's fucking obvious where america is headed and on many fronts, economic, racial, cultural. It ain't pretty.

the way this clown preens

and prances around reminds me of the films I have seen of Il Duce, WW2 Benito Mussolini. If a gov. walker of wisconsin could be voted in, by the majority of that state's voters, this clown could become Il Duce2. Americans seem that brain dead at this time in history. Vote Democratic no matter who the candidate may be. But of course I'm preaching to the choir, aren't I?

I like this young gentleman

yet, the majority voted this Gov. into office. Who's to blame?

Climate change related?

Never, ever

have I seen this in a POTUS before. But then why should I have? This photo will be saved forever as a once in a lifetime event. Never to happen again, unless we get another POTUS of color or maybe....a woman.

if they can handle the training

which obviously, they did. Then combat is the next test. If after being tested there, they 'pass' muster, all the mofo's grinding their teeth about these soldiers need to STFU. Israeli women have been fighting and dying for a couple of generations, defending their land. It ain't like the movies, true, violent combat death is ugly. Changed my perspective of what being an animate living thing means. John Wayne never tasted it, smelled it or felt it. Good luck to these soldiers when they are called up. If a woman can handle the training, then STFU! When she handles combat and the collateral damage, then STFU!
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