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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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Oh I had started a break from here

but I came back just for today to comment on the actions against 1SBM. The fact is that I have always known about this place, some ARE more equal and privileged than others and it shows and is expected by those mentioned. I peeped their shit a long time ago. I send true progressives and liberals here and they ALWAYS come back to me and ask me how I can stand it among so many hypocrites. I tell them about the true progressives on here, but tell them not to be surprised at the faux progressives and liberals. I'll be back. I lurk and watch the mountains of obvious bullshit growing here and as I mentioned before, who do they think they are fooling....with? I've been dealing with people like some of those I find on here for many years. Racists disguised as liberals and progressives. I really do laugh at their obviousness and the total ignorance that people know who they really are and laugh at their puerility. Their egos are just there to be in the way of true progress and who needs clowns like that. I'll be watching. You, justanothergen, 1SBM, sheshe, bravenak, mary, randy1, and more, I believe in you. You are the reason progressives and liberals, so called, are so out of joint. You're the real ones. They are not.

Yep, I am doing the same thing

A break from the hypocrisy of some on here is as good thing. I just came back to post because of the insanity of what was done to you. I'm outta here for a while. I believe in you and a few more here.

He is always relevant

and always on point. Racial hate disguised as political bickering is hypocrisy at it's highest. But given the nature of the privileged in this society, hardly surprising. Racial hate in America was a extreme problem in the 18th century, the 19th century, the 20th century and I will say the 21stcentury has already started out with a virulence and viciousness to rival the last 300 years in this country. And not one damn candidate has addressed racism and racial hate in the last 300 years except the stab made at it in 64-65. Since dismantled. Who do these candidates think they're fooling.....with?

of course not

jobs are going to take care of everything and, and get the roads paved in gold and and and get A POC a nice house in the 'burbs' that has a neighborhood swimming pool that everyone can visit, except some. Economics just AIN'T the panacea that some are pushing here. Their right to push something so wrong, misleading and distracting. No doubt in my mind now. This POC doesn't see it the same way as you because what you say about economics is what I said above. It's a bullshit panacea, sugar pill that I won't swallow.

I did

and you're right on all counts. Can't be too liberal with the 'third wayers' and Bernie is worrying the shit out of me.

protected for some

others, not so much. One of the reason I have tp get away. Too much sly(not), slick(not) undercover racism here. I was reading Bernard Nalty's Strength For The Fight today, about AA serving in this country's military from Revolutionary War all the way up till modern times. We HAVE NOT moved past a lot of the points of that book.

yes you did

period. No one here in their right mind has ignored the murder and executions of black women. No one here that I have read have dissed the black woman by inferring she does not face the same institutional and systemic racism all POC face. Your "goal" is suspect to me. The one who tweeted it? WRONG!!!!! At this time in history.

You don't know

what I would do if I could, I laugh at the assumptions on this thread about black men. I am very proud of ms. Newsome also, but not at the expense of dignity and pride and courage that black men carry, ALSO!

I was going to let this pass, but no

So the consequence of Ms Newsome taking down the confederate rag which is back up by the way, and I DO COMMEND HER COURAGE AS A POC with principle, is, inferred, that black men are cowards, shiftless and/or lazy. Yet reading this thread's title and content/responses shows me the black male is seen as a coward for not doing this act. I take extreme exception to the divisive nature of the OP comment and most of the responses, and I don't give a damn where the OP originated. The bravery of many a POC who happened to be male that has sacrificed blood and life so all can be free has been openly spit upon and does those enemies of POC proud. The black male can be relegated to the back room again while the black woman stands up for black pride. And oh, he's probably drunk back there in the back room anyway. But I digress.

The nature of this OP goes back historically to some bad times and is repeating a generations old mistake of giving all respect to the black woman and while inferring nay saying no courage in that black "boy". Historically that has always been a tool of division among black people generated and perpetuated by the controlling racist forces of this country. I AM DISGUSTED! And it has, this OP, opened a wound in me from many battles, both internally and externally, against the racist forces in this country.. Aww fuck, you all want to keep division in the ranks be my guest, but this is disappointing to me, in a big way dammit.

does that make a difference

or don't you understand that it will(it is back on the flagpole) or would have stayed up on some legal technicality like being a part of "southern pride" in the valor of their soldiers serving a treasonous and hateful system that kept people in bondage and tried to destroy the then united states in an effort to perpetuate that slavery..
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