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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

I'm here

and don't stress out on hypocrites here and elsewhere. Not worth a valuable life. I get angry at the hypocrisy of this nation, culture, leaders and alleged 'liberal, progressive compatriots who always are revealed here sooner or later. DO NOT let them hurt you. THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT. I like RANDI and others. Haven't listened lately but she and others are in my bookmarks.

Breath......whole lung, slowly, when the clowns come out to make people cry. I'm speaking up whenever and wherever I have the opportunity to say something. Most people these days, for various reason, do not care. Others are happy that voting rights are getting suspended and gladly accept the corporate/fascist/oligarchic system we live in today in the name of "peace and safety", of which their is none for large segments/populations of this society.

We will stand and fall together! I salute you.

anything to try to

snatch executive power from the mixed race, "muslim loving" "kenyan" POTUS by a bunch of white, whiny and now a destructive congressional majority that has been allowed with very little push back from my so-called leaders. Been pretty quiet these last six plus years, against both those very same whiny white people and ALL their lackeys in both political parties and in our highest court. This has truly been a revealing six plus years with my POTUS bringing out the hate that white people, who are racist, have ALWAYS had, to the very front of the stage. I mean this ignorance and stupidity, by these racist and other type obstructionist pigs that call themselves leaders, is sickening. This last six years has NOT made me respect our culture or it racist beginnings, middle and, so far, the present continuing hate that white males, females and their self hating lackeys of this country and political/cultural system CANNOT ever hide anymore. Totally disgusting! Exceptional? NO!!!!!!.

The hue and cry against all this should have reached high heaven, yet it has only been deafeningly quiet, except by some on this forum. I truly respect those who have not been apologists for the murder/executions, political mayhem and general american racism that the RW and RW media has agitated these last six plus years.

America, you have always been a disappointment to me with the lying obviousness of your grand hypocrisy. Now even more after six years of this spectacle called american poltics.

you have my best thoughts

try to stay positive


ya think! Posterity will not be kind to her, wasserman, reid, at least it shouldn't be. Weak and ineffectual for 6+ years! Now they speak up....horrible kabuki theater by all these actors, they damn sure ain't leaders. And the bluedogs? I'd get a spanking here by ADMIN if I said what was really on my mind......

God is a personal choice

so is spirituality. Good for you. I just went through the worst February of my 67 year old life. Besides February being my deceased sisters birth month, I have faced some incredible bad luck this last month. My faith in religion went out the window when I was faced with bigots/racists in a fundamentalist church I attended, because of an interracial relationship I was in, in the early 80's. Never went back. Still trying to hold on to some kind of faith but I'm struggling with the concept of a 'loving' god.....this is not something that makes sense anymore, especially with just recent events, BokoHaram, Ukraine and the evilness perpetrated by IsIs or what ever they call themselves. Great rant, and I do understand.

yep and I will have to agree,

in principle, to a certain point. I think all this heavy handed killing of civilians such as in Nigeria, Ukraine and Israel has no purpose except to terrorize. We, as a race, the human race , have so far to go in reaching any enlightenment. We are dragging ourselves through the mud, still.

shut it down

I don't need no stinking protection........

what you say is fine and well

yet it doesn't take away from them being openly pro-nazi. You can try to diminish them as a political force, yet cancer always starts with one cell. White supremacist banners and confederate flags(small c intended) flying from toppled Lenin statues and destroying memorials to Ukrainians who died fighting the nazis is NOT benign behavior by a few. Tyahnybok and his Goebbels quoting deputy Mykhalchyshyn. What about Svoboda being linked to an international constellation of neo-fascists through the Alliance of European National Movements? His thugs and the Euromaiden battles? McCain is an idiot along with anyone that supports this thuggish party. These thugs are just playing out the continuing story started in WWII and continued with the Reagan administration being cozy enough with UCCA as to have many in his administration. Diminish all you want, our media is ignoring the huge iceberg right under the surface while pointing to the cute little ice flow on top.

sad but true

I will be holding my nose. But yes, VOTE DEMOCRATIC, It's the only SLIM hope the 99% has. Money in politics, ALEC, gerrymandering caused this, in a HUGE way.

what about

McCain's buddies the Svoboda?
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