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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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with nothing more to do, nothing more, nothing less.

thank you

the same to you and yours...this holiday season. Yeah and the conversation(s) coming up.....I just can't wait.. Have a safe New Year.

so that's what it is

A POC has his hands on the 'button' and it's driving some people to fascism, more deeply violent racism and just sheer stupidity. I get it now and it's nothing that has, Since 2008, surprised me. This society will remain schizophrenic and hypocritical till the end precisely because a lot of white males can't handle their racial fears. They sterotype and degrade others not in their 'club' so as too hold on to the perception that they still are in control. Of everyone on this ducking planet.

Whoa! Big surprise!!!!!!!

not. Another american miscarriage of justice for an AA victim of the racists of american policing system.

not a stretch at all

this mussolini/hitler clown, mussolini because he is such a self preening caricature and hitler because HE IS, with his growing base of supporters, bringing the true nature of the racist, fascist underbelly of the RW in america, into SHARP focus. Period.


'gentrification' in previously low income areas, usually AA and who are forced to give up their homes and property at pennies on the dollar. Then when 'gentrification' is over and the ones who paid pennies on the dollar are making exorbitant profits from the ill-gotten gain, while the ones they stole from are forced further into the pool of people mentioned in all other answers here.

prime example of

just how out of control are those in the RW that have the illusion of power and control over others. People vote for these dangerous clowns, vote rigging or not.

trump's ham handedd proposition

is a racists attempt to incite his racist base, nothing more, nothing less. He "wants to wait until our representatives figure out what's going on"? Really. Well trumpdump, G.W.bush, Cheney et al have created at least two and probably more generations of muslims who hate america. You think blown up babies in Iraq by u.s. bombers and soldiers would endear us to the muslim population? Nothing to figure out.

Not all muslims hate america, I know that.

all I know is

as long as the powers that be can keep us calling each other niggas, whores, biatches(rap music was inspired and produced by whom, ultimately, huge amounts of drugs are brought into this country by whom, ultimately)and we keep allowing the fighting over little pieces of worthless turf in our own neighborhoods to kill our young we shall continue to face misery and fear. As long as we keep Feeding each other drugs that kill the mind and spirit of users, that is funneled into our neighborhoods by the monsters bringing tons of it into the country to accommodate the POC and the fear and misery in our 'redlined' neighborhoods al, the while making huge profit off of death and misery in our neighborhoods, we will suffer. If we keep running after "bling" and by and large accepting a stereotypical role in a society that creates and causes an oppressive state of mind in the recipients of that hate and racism, they, the racists and hateful, will continue to point to POC as the problem, instead of the real problem, the white racist element bent on destroying POC as they tried to do with the native-American. Manifest Destiny, you know?. And they won't stop until ALL of us stop accepting that lie.

for generations

AND it's not just Ala. its a systemic problem, NATIONWIDE!!!! ALWAYS has been and getting worse.
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