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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

I do like

thanks. Not surprised though, a politician, is a politician, is a politician.........ad infinitum....

the point is

you have no point. Deflection is not wise in this situation. Bullets fired at the WH and by the way HITTING the WH from between 7 and 11 times, even hitting in living quarters area. Incident not being acknowledged as even happening at the time perpetrated. ALL armed responders told to "stand down" by some clown of a 'supervisor'.....armed person with a prison record(what was the crime punishable by prison is the question begging an answer), not SS, in the same elevator as the POTUS......armed citizen breaching the WHITE HOUSE FRONT DOOR and running around like a crazy man, which he is......nothing to debate or argue. How many more near miss 'incidents' don't we know about? That's the case as I see it?


this is unbelievable. The SS DOES NOT care about our POTUS, period. "ARMED" is the operative word here. Could they be setting up the mindset/incidents for the next 'assassination of a POTUS' tragedy? I am just wondering what's going on here. Just a question.

bushieboy. jr

is/was a spoiled little rich kid who was also an awol coward. Drunk, high and partying while myself and hundreds of thousands more visited the war of my generation. I have nothing but disdain for that waste of human flesh/user of oxygen. Romtwit, darth and many other 'leaders' are that in name only. No respect here, NONE. I do respect a commander-in-chief that acknowledges our honored dead, WITH A SALUTE. And that C-17 landing late at night, during king georges reign, with all those flag draped coffins in it sealed it for me. Bush was trying to hide his evil.


but remembering my history, prompted by the link, yep, wouldn't work. But you're right, does have immense(fantasy) appeal.....

not surprised at the actions

of her ex-colleagues. Not surprised at all. Typical of institutionalized racism in amerikkka. And the power to enforce that racism? Forcing her to resign(firing) her. I applaud her decision made on the most solid rock of principle. Yay Dr. Harris! BRAVO.

and it starts?

could all this

just be letting people know how to get to THIS POTUS???? Diagrams of white house, how many levels of security breached, living quarter diagram. Something is amiss. With all the racist pigs out there chomping at the bit to make bundy proud, this is really stupid and totally incompetent.....nothing will surprise me at all in the upcoming year. Especially with RW hate radio and television agitating hate in a manner that would make Goebbels proud.

Never during Herr Bush's reign

yet 7 bullets hit this house! RW mole in the SS seems plausible. Some agents have to be racist, it's just percentages really.

shoddy protection

wonder why? On purpose or just incompetence? One must wonder with the current hate expressed toward the first family because of their RACE!!!! Yeah and I'm going to keep saying that this stinks to high heaven!
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