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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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your point of the police being out of control

is understood. But TRY to understand, this type of behavior by police has been the order of the day, in minority communities, since my great-grandmothers generation. I hope you can understand that and the import of that, one day. Otherwise.........I hope something can be done to rein in this outlandish and vicious behavior by the police in this country.

true, what you say here

race has always been used as a wedge issue by the ignorant and brilliants. Atwater was one of those. The Democratic Party lost it's moral bearing, I think, with Nixon's 'southern strategy' being such a success. We never regained our footing. Reagan sealed our fate and it has been a slowly increasing slide to the bottom of who know where. This country will NEVER regain it's moral leadership in the world community's eyes, military yes, moral NO. The last 6 years has made this country a laughing stock when it comes to claiming moral leadership. McConnell a leader? No. Rand Paul a leader? No. Nancy Pelosi a leader? No. Harry Reid a leader? No. The only person that has tried to lead is Barack Obama, but with the corporate nature and influence of their big money, that our Party has partaken of, he never stood a chance.

Kennedy, Wallace?

false equivalency. Of course that was about race, but NOT........wait for it......the color of the POTUS as it is today, 50years down the road. From the days when I had to fight to be able to vote in this corrupt system because of my race, Kennedy was helping me fight Wallace. Two white men fighting for and against black people's civil and voting rights. Obama is trying to help us all, yet he has not been given that benefit precisely because of his race. Liberal tag being a stone around his neck? Sure that is partisan politics. IF he had had the loyalty of his Party, and not so many goddamn 'blue dogs' working in concert with the RW and who would have shown some courage, Pelosi and Reid come to mind, we as a Party might not have had to take such a big bite of the corporate apple.

All of you can try to distract and deflect from the truth of RACE being the stone around Barack Obama's neck with a little truth of your own about the partisan end of politics, according to you, thrown in to make it seem like it is Obama's fault nothing has gotten done in SIX years of RW gridlock. Clinton started the Third Way. He moved our Party to the right to turn us into "socially liberal-fiscally conservative" DINOS to try to get the onus of Monica out of the spotlight and make it seem like he was getting something done. Deregulation of media, glass-steagall and on and on to the absolute joy of the RW and to my chagrin as a progressive.

No it's not about the L word, that's smokescreen BS, IT IS ABOUT COLOR in this racist, bigoted culture that permeates everything from a black man walking into the streets and getting executed for that transgression to the "dog whistle" politics that has been practiced by the RW in vitriolic manner for the last SIX YEARS. I will never back away from the fact, IT'S ABOUT RACE!!!!!.

I've been around the block a few times myself.


are you. Most aren't at that age, black or white. It's just that a black non angel will die because of that while a white non angel will sometimes get a pass and frequently the benefit of doubt.

even if he did something to be running from the police

summary execution such as this is getting real old. I was talking to a young black man yesterday. I'm 66 he was late 20's. He was ANGRY about what executioner wilson did to Michael Brown. He said a lot of his companions are ready to fight. I understand their anger. This type of daily occurance just reinforces that anger. Some white people may want a race war and that's why they continue to support white murder of unarmed black males..............but a lot of them better wake the fuck up to the reality of that.

These young black males are as angry as I was in the 60's fighting for my right to vote in this corrupt system and for the right NOT to have fire hoses directed toward me and police dogs not taking chunks out me.


yet I still say the same thing. The audio tape tells the story. All you how many angels will fit on a pinhead people are truly laughable. Proceed. on edit: I was only commenting on the walking away a free man statement you made when talking about justice. Said nothing about trial venue, what are you talking about? But......proceed

I know, you believe

Michael Brown deserved to be shot 6 times, right? What else could make you respond in such manner with such an answer? Come on speak up don't be ashamed, tell the world what you really think.

you're mistaken on the shooting perp


gud 'mericuns

will keep denying and good americans will keep dying. A LOT of people don't want to change and enough so that there will NEVER be change enough to create a fair and impartial, non bigoted society. Period. Last 6 years have shown me that.

Racism is the root

of 6 years of RW inaction. Deny if you must to cover the sins of a shamefully racist culture in the streets and in the highest halls of Congress but I can't cover up this racist culture that I have had to watch, in action, for the last 6 years. Deny all you want. Americans can do that very well and look where it has gotten us, a young, unarmed man executed in the streets shot down like a dog, no white President ever called a LIAR in his 1st SOU address and a racist reuglican party trying 50 times to turn back legislation that my President was smart enough to get through a reluctant Democratic party and obstructionist Reuglican party that helps americans. It has EVERYTHING to do with race. Nothing you can say will stop that being FACT.
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