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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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American racial hate always has been right under the surface, culturally

just because of the systemic and institutionalized nature of that hate. Yet as long as a white male held the top spot, the fear of brown and darker skinned males was held in abeyance. Once white privilege was threatened by a brown skin man in the top spot the cover was off and the bundy's and his sympathizers in the hinterlands and elsewhere, on hate radio and television news, have had a fucking field day demonizing blacks from Obama all the way down to Trayvon Martin. The "haters" were/are surreptitiously enabled by the racist RW clowns running rampant in the halls of power at local and national levels with little or no push back from our Party.......call me a liar? America has always been right on the edge of all the hate we've seen for the last 6 years. The racist really had not had a focus for that hate until Obama moved into the the POTUS position and put white supremacy in question. The systemic hate based on race will always be with us. And yes I agree, your perceptions are correct. The racist hate is much more in the open and embraced even as a merit badge of........whatever... by the......bundy, o'reilly, issa, cruz, palin, brewer and rushieboy bunch of creeps. I'm not at all surprised and expected this ignorance and stupidity on the assumption of power by Barack Obama.

I apologize

if you perceived I was saying you had negative issues with BO's skin color, I was not saying that. My point, which I evidently failed in making was that while you took issue with Obama not enforcing the rule of law, I was stating that if our POTUS has aggressively enforced the law with BLM and other armed agents of government than we would have had a RW firestorm that would still be raging today. Those clowns were ready to use women and children as human shields. Now IF there had been firefights, who do you think the RW racist party would be demonizing as the brown tyrant killing white women and children? One guess. No I can only hope that the government agencies are looking at other avenues, quietly, at addressing the problems of the racist RW upsurge in this country since the election of Barack Obama.

Concerning the bankers, if any powerful agent of the banking cartel in this country had been arrested and sent to prison, the impeachment proceedings would still be grinding on.

No, I feel/hope his tact is otherwise. I was not accusing you of any racial negativity. I promise.

One small aside: I feel our Party 's move to the center is not a good move, personally. I feel it has been seen as weakness and hailed by the RW as a victory. Sorry for any misunderstanding.


then why are all these tea party and republican jerks being voted into the halls of power to pass laws that take away a woman's right to her own body and to limit minority voting? Laws come from the 'state' and usually these type of restrictive laws are transparently created and coveted by religious people. It's not just imans that spew vitriolic hate toward 'non believers'. Just look at your typical "christian' television preacher. I suggest that if it was possible, the burning of witches and stonings like described in the old testament would happen again with the wrong combination of leadership in Wash. D.C and on the state and local levels. Amerika is not that far removed from religious insanity in this day and age.

oh I just get so sick of humans

with this type of power and control over other humans. I like some Buddhist sects. Theravada beliefs are some beliefs that helped me deal with the challenges of being a soldier in s.e.asia. I recently got introduced to the Sikh religion and am studying. The Universalist Unitarian beliefs sound interesting, was talking to an adherent the other day at a local watering hole. Yeah, that fatwa stuff and RW christian rigidity verging on calling for murder against non believers is disturbing to me.

good last line supposition

well the gentrification that has been going on in 'urban' areas in the last 20 years or so cannot be disproved for the intent behind it. A lot of 'minority' urban communities have been subject to this very kind of dismantling for the richer people of this society to makeover in their image. Cincinnati and it's gentrification battles comes to mind. More and more military applications are being used on the citizens. Hmmmm, I wonder..............................

oh really???!!!

gosh, I'm surprised. Not. Human beings, the top of the food chain. Nothing but destruction, death, murder, hate, wars of all kind in the name of, well you name it, people are killed for it. This is what the human being has wrought. No we're not getting better(evolving) by any stretch of the imagination. Detonate a nuke on the moon. geez.

the cruelty

in this world justified as we're right, they are wrong is so.....there are just no words. That poor man. Murder, that's all it is. Making more and more anger and hate. Perpetuating it. Spreading it around for all to partake in. Some might be sated, others are just going to develop a thirst for more and it will continue, guaranteed..

Georgie, Dickie, Condi

and Bremer's gift to Iraq. Chaos, death, basic services still disrupted, for 11 years+. This is democracy? I hope you're wrong about those nukes, but I have a feeling you're not too much off the mark. And people still revere these three war criminals in america. Truly amazing, really.


that is informative for a lay person.

it's the top prize

of a money corrupted system. Any person with basic common sense today acknowledges that FACT. The cost of millions to gain that office is easily offset with the fees, funds, money inherent in this political system. I never hear of an ex-POTUS having to file for bankruptcy to pay off the bills of them running for that high office? I did not say the person striving for the office is initially corrupt. When that person gains that office, it stands to reason that because of the corruption inherent in this political system because of corporate and banking influence money, the person occupying the Oval Office is forced to make decisions based on that influence of money. This systemic corruption has been exhibited by the money corrupted RW for the last 6 years along with the obviously transparent reason(s). The right wing faction(s) is/are not the only money corrupted party of this country either. Obsession is probably an apt description of the desire one must have to want to gain that high office along with a few other descriptive psychological reasons/terms of what is behind the desire needed to want to be a 'leader' of any country.
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