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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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so fucking corrupt, the 'leaders' we have, they don't care if their corruption is front and center. And yeah, with this 'little deletion' they have their middle finger sticking up at us all. geez How did money corruption get this prominent in our system. The RW has corrupted our system foe all of us for a long time to come, if not permanently. The start of the death of this system of government was the reagan administration, the coup de gras for our system of government was the bush cabal theft of election(s) in 2000. While many on here are still excusing the theft by saying gore "fought it all the way to SCOTUS"!!!!! It was a theft. Period. This system of politics running this country now, SHIT!!! SHIT I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

No I remember a lot

of things from the Vietnam era that aroused my suspicions about the army's investigative abilities. Calley was a patsy. Yet, the Bergdahl thing has me perplexed because of the obvious problems that have arisen. Did he desert or do something common for that unit in wandering around a 'secured' area? I don't know and the RW BS that has muddied these waters is typical, shout as loud as one can spewing out toilets full of BS and maybe, just maybe some will stick. His mental state has to play into this also. There were times in Vietnam that I definitely was amazed and disgusted at some of the things done in the name of 'democracy' to innocent Vietnamese.....I still think about those things that were done. The only reason I didn't crack was that I was an 'army brat' and part of a military family that has served this nation since the Revolutionary War. A few times I felt like walking though. Had friends in Thailand. Nope, the jury is still out on Bergdahl, and I will not assume anything until the whole story is known. And it will come out.

I get so sick of

the duplicity and lies of the 'leaders' of the free world. I have to research much more, yet if true. I will not vote, ever again. What's the use, old POTUS same as new POTUS ad infinitum. I am being caught at a very bad time in my life with this piece. If true, then PNAC is an infection in both political party's in this country. It will then be TOTALLY true that corporatist, banking powers have created a fascist state and that all us 'free' americans are and have been living under an illusion since the slave owning founding fathers got drunk in a back room somewhere and said, let's fuck over the world. We can start here and who knows, a couple hundred years or so, maybe we'll control everything. Sheeple really are sheeple. I'm tired, I give up. I'm going to find a place out in the sticks and get away for as long as I can or until I die, from this BS. I got to get away from the grid of lies from all political party's. No one cares about the common folk. It's ALL about power and money. It's all soul destroying. Fuck this political system and all political systems. It's soul destroying.

from a friend of mine per huff post piece

"it's too weak when it discusses the rule of law. It reads like a US justice department memo. It should have talked about war criminals and bankers and killer cops getting away with metaphorical and real murder. The erosion of the rule of law(bundy refusal to pay his fees and subsequent free pass) coupled with the public perception by the gun toting 'domestic terrorist(s)' that the rule of law has broken down deserves the most consideration in an essay like that". To extend, the shouts of needing revolution and coups(american spring) from the militias and patriot groups are sedition and treason. They have been enabled by the total acquiescence of the american media not calling them out for what they really represent.Terrorists groups bent on the overthrow of the american government. Period.Time to cut them out of the body politic, they are not a benign tumor.

time to start

treading on these clowns, burning the remains and scattering the ashes.......Huff Post has a piece on this today. Fair article/essay but I've been reading these laments in one form or another since Columbine. Say anything to anyone? The gun manufacturers lobby wants no restriction on gun sales, the RW big manly men and women too, want men to be able to wave their dingalings in an open carry manner everywhere. The dead CHILDREN all the way from Columbine to Oregon are screaming from their graves for justice and gun sanity. How do WE keep this from happening again? I don't have an answer. If I did there would be world peace, What a laugh, huh?

no! no!

you have it wrong. The Iraqi people have democracy now. The people are free to vote, die and be run out of town by a terrorist group, who by the way WERE NOT in that country before bushieboy, cheney and other members of PNAC, with the help of those (D) mentioned above, started our oil war. Human beings being slaughtered, uprooted and fleeing before the extreme violence of a terrorist group does not justify the idea of "my country, right or wrong". Paul Bremer, the blood of all these people in on your RW hands. Bushieboy and cheney are war criminals.

did I miss one of your posts?

the maligned one is true. So if you had to apologize for that one, I'm pissed! One way to look at the racism alerts directed toward you is that it brings out the normal hidden attitude of people good at hiding it. I have experienced a lot of that in this society in the last 6 years or so, even during the run up to election. Black women have been racistly maligned and abused for as long as black women have been a part of this society. Anyone who alerts on a statement such as that is a hypocrite. Anyone high fiving and trying to denigrate your truth is the same slick type that has been denigrating blacks and minorities for generations. You have NOTHING to apologize for. I love ya!!!! Hang in there, we need truth speakers in all 'progressive and liberal' forums. You're shining lights in very dark places and it causes the denizens of that darkness to scatter, scamper and whine about the light.

Never said any of that

or suggested anything as you say. There is a huge demographic out there in la la land that is hateful and racist for one reason only. They hate people because of the melanin in their skin. And they are NOT going to change and they will be called out for what they are each and every time they rear their racist, hateful, bigoted heads and utter vile despicable things. People like Ryan, Issa, Cruz, Limbaugh, West, yes west, Clarence, yes clarence, beckerhead, handmedown, wordsalad palin. People who kill kids with skittles and tea in their hands. Whether it's cultural, which it is, whether it's religious, which is a large part of the reason for racial hate, gender and sexual orientation attacks of violence, I can't break down those numbers because they're not out there. Certain segment wouldn't want that broadcast, I'm sure. Why I have friend who sat with Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn just a week or so ago. They are not part of what I'm talking about or referring to. There are GOOD people of many racial and ethnic persuasions out there and I don't think the writer of the original OP and neither do I, deny that fact and NEVER said there wasn't. The point being made by me, is about the whiner screaming of being a victim when they victimize others everyday by virtue of the privilege they gain by being a certain demographic segment of our society...... You forgot anne coulter. have a good one.

that is BS

It has always been the distraction used by those receiving a truth that is uncomfortable, to whine about how that truth is presented and that that truth may be taken as offensive therefore whining is justified. No matter the offense the oppressed may be responding to. While the demographic described is still in a position to ignore the truth of their privilege and racism, which they typically do, they always tell the oppressed group, go back rewrite and present it again and I might just read it. No change, just read. Usually it's something like, "you can't call a asshole an asshole even if the asshole is an asshole because you might offend them and they won't want to change. So change the wording so I don't feel the hate. BS, the whiner never has changed the wording and/or meaning while denigrating minorities and women. Wouldn't have changed anyway. The old/middle white male demographic has had generations to change and accept everyone as an equal. THEY HAVE NOT WANTED EQUALITY and a lot still don't. As evidenced by old and middle demographic examples now running rampant in the halls of Congress, on the Supreme Court and definitely in state and local politics. Turning back voting rights that for the most part will affect minorities, turning back civil rights, same effect, "post racial society" according to one of those old white men on the SCOTUS who is in the majority is now the order of the day. BS!!!!!! Gender rights under a most vicious attack not seen since ROEvsWADE. An asshole is an asshole. Unless they want to change and do change they are an asshole..... You talk about broad brushes, just go to Discussionist.com, you'll find a lot of broad brush from the group under discussion and that are the reason for this OP. All gays, all blacks, all minorities, all women are broad stroked by the rampant racism, bigotry and misogyny that is still very evident and perpetrated by old, middle and young white males in this american society of 2014. Sometime I think the only solution will be the dying off of a certain breed of human being that finds it impossible to live in peace and equality with their neighbor no matter the superficial differences.

these 'christians' like reed are always so

soft spoken and benign appearing when their book has been and is quoted and used to promote some of the most hateful rhetoric on this planet. They are always so adept at pointing in another direction when being questioned about something that is uncomfortably true about what they have faith in. The bible was used to support some of the most vicious and killing slavery seen in human history. Black people bore the brunt of the hate caused by the cain and abel myth and the naked noah myth. The bible was used to keep women barefoot and pregnant and kept women from the sciences, arts and POLITICS. Reed is one hateful person under that thin veneer of civility. I have watched him for many years. When it comes to american bible fundamentalists I think, bob jones university and the southern baptist who comprise one of the largest protestant denominations. They are still notoriously racist. I was one for 20 years and they broke my spiritual heart. No, religion is the control tool of the ones with no religion. Faith is a spiritual matter, not religious. Just speaking for myself.
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