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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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said at first inaugural ball, in a little room off to the side of the ball, full of repthuglicans, that the repukes would thwart anything initiated by the Obama administration. And democrats HAVE LET THEM DO THAT VERY THING for the last six fucking years!!!! Only, because of our(reid and Pelosi)timidity and yes cowardice, do we have ourselves to blame. 2014 elections are here, quit whining and gotv I'm sick of the non support by democrats(bluedogs) and the RW race bait machine(RW media) hurting all americans. And by the way, why no outrage at the benedict arnold 'bluedog' democrats? Nothing, nada, zero. We need to clean our house also. rant done.

well there has been and is

an intelligently applied racism on this site sometime in reference to our POTUS and toward black people and minorities in general. I don't know if they are trolls from elsewhere just trying to push a button. Doesn't matter, it's here and it will never go away...no doubt about it. But you know, some people just can't help it. I got that he was referring to extreme racism in amerikkkan culture toward our POTUS, which there is, and the instance(s) where racism could be inferred from some responses here. It how you want to spin it.

you have spoken truth about

about the prevalence of guns out in the open, because they want their country back and the open references to assassinating our POTUS. If any breathed a thought like that with bushco cabalists, they are still in Gitmo. If from the day of that first SOU address, that idiot that shouted out "liar" had been heavily criticized and irredeemably censured, we might have started out on the right footing in regard to this POTUS. But noooooooo! Ryan and bonehead promising to thwart EVERY initiative by Obama and bonehead screaming,, "one term President". Maybe, just maybe, the RW pundits, too numerous to name, but limppig and beckerhead and handjob come to mind, wouldn't have felt like they had legislators backing their racism. Those same RW pundits might not have had the ammunition to stir up their sheeple, bundy ranch, operation spring base. The reality of the last six years opened my eyes to how much scum lives under the rocks in this swamp of amerikkkan democracy and culture. I knew it was always here, but out of sight......not too worried. I'm glad these clowns came out and showed the truth that's always been the red- white and-blue.

no, no links, no enabling your

inability to see or believe the reality of the last six years with Barack Obama as POTUS. No one ever shouted out "liar" to any modern 'other' color POTUS in my historical time frame. Maybe you haven't heard such in your circle of friends, but I just read where some 'police chief' got fired or had to resign in new hampshire or vermont, one of those live fee or die states because he was referring to my POTUS as such, and he is definitely not in my circle of friends and I do resent and am offended by your implication. No I won't link. But to make it easier for you, just google the occurances on whatever search engine or what ever. I can't believe that you could deny ever seeing or hearing about my POTUS being referred to as such. If that is true, sheltered much. Detached much. Maybe so.

the gun fanatic

DOES NOT CARE if a 6 year old is shot in the face. A gun fanatic DOES NOT CARE if a person is shot in a theater for texting to a friend. A gun fanatic DOES NOT CARE if the pain that a Mr. Martinez shows is real. A gun fanatic DOES NOT CARE if a person dies if it is going to "trump" his/her constitutional right to kill others indiscriminately without mercy. A gun fanatic DOES NOT CARE if you die for no other reason than someone is pissed off at fellow human being for some real or imagined slight at a stoplight, in a theater or because they cannot get a girlfriend. That is america today and it will continue until realistic gun control is enacted. What that will entail is any ones guess but we have to really try to work on a solution in spite of the insanity of the NRA confusing the issue of the 2nd amendments meaning. Another lie from the NRA to allow people with guns to kill innocent people. The right to being trumps any right to allow someone with a gun to take that life/being for any irrational reason. No excuses gun nut!

truth spoken

and along with all the 'builders' you mentioned, I can never forget the genocide perpetrated, by the 'money grubbing plutocrats and robber barons' against the First Americans to get this building of a country started. By the way, the money grubbing plutocrats and robber barons are back. They are called huge mega banks and huge corporate powers that hold sway over every aspect of our system. Plus 1000 to you. Got me thinking, again.


and true. Something must be done with the wimps in congress allowing this to continually happen while the NRA spends millions lining their pockets for a yes vote on anything sponsored by the 2nd amendment crowd. How corrupt we've become. God! He made me almost cry and I don't cry. How very, very sad. Sad to say, but he will be marginalized by the media and the 2nd amendment crowd and if our reps do nothing, things will continue to happen like this and sandy hook. Don't forget gabby, aurora, and charles whitman in 1966, all the way up to today.

that's okay on the link

yeah three hundred million, still a lot of damn guns and a lot of them in the 'wrong' hands. This country is sliding to hell in a hand basket and the NRA is greasing the slide. I going to try to do my part. This election season as far as voting for people who will stand up to the NRA and their money machine. I will look into Childsafe. Thanks. It's somewhere to start in an overwhelming and huge problem affecting ALL neighborhoods

a great loss

Dr. Vincent Gordon Harding --Civil Rights pioneer, colleague, advisor, speech writer for Dr. Martin Luther King has died- July 25,1931--May 19, 2014. He drafted Dr. King's anti-Vietnam war speech, 'Breaking the Silence".more information at Portside.org.

"white supremacy is alive and well"

in amerikkka. True. Whether that translates into reparations? This I seriously doubt. But nice fantasy. While slavery is an historical fact along with post slavery segregation(amerikkkan apartheid jim crow laws) the powers that be and their cliven bundy, zimmerman, sterling tools could give a damn less about those realities. That racism, bigotry and ignorance is rife, especially because a man with melanin in his skin is occupying the white house located at 1600 Pennsylvania ave. means nothing to the people who are happy for those divisive tools of racism, ignorance and downright stupidity of some that keeps the races at each others throats. Poverty, that's minority as well as appalachian type poverty, is used to keep us at each others throats. We fight over the crumbs from the loaf the 1% enjoy everyday. People like ryan, cruz, issa, paul, palin, and their media mouthpieces, we all know their names, keep stirring up racial difference as a tool to divide and conquer the 99%ers. As long as one race is continually told of their superiority and others are reminded of their alleged inferiority, by the institutionalized racist mechanisms that keep us divided, we will continue to fight over the crumbs tossed at us like hungry dogs while the PTB continue to eat at the table of affluence.They laugh and enjoy the fruits of this system while we tear at each other because of something as inconsequential as skin color and consequential like the manufactured poverty of a large portion of the 99%. They will never own up to the reasons for a lot of the racial discord in this nation. The major religions helped to perpetuate racism, Southern baptists, bob jones university, the pat robertsons still think that blacks are somehow inferior to whites. And many do believe that if Jesus says so, according to their religious leaders, then it must be true. No, reparation will never happen for the african-american. The japanese got reparation for american racism, native americans even got a sort of reparation, some have casinos now, but african-americans will never see a balancing of the books for all of the labor provided, while in chains of bondage and oppression. The building of this country into the 'democracy' that it is today entailed genocide and slavery. Classes were created. Poor whites, poor blacks with the blacks at the lowest rung of the american class ladder striving for some of that american pie and that ensured racial discord among the 99%. That manufactured discord is very apparent today. No, there is no slaver active in this country today, true. But the almighty dollar or lack of them keeps us enslaved by the poverty that creates class division. The actions and history of the past mean nothing to the corporate heads or bankers that run this country. They will continue to keep us divided in the name of profit which ran the original engine of slavery and never give any thought to paying a dime for any past injustice....institutional racism is a tool and the PTB will never allow any type of real soul searching until we, the 99%, make this the country that provides liberty, equality and justice for all. Just my take on this gentleman's article and call for conscience awakening. Interesting article premise though.
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