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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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this is a 'patriot'......

taking back his country. Can't you understand that black who lives in that white house at 1600 Pennsylvania ave took their country from them. THEY WANT IT BACK, by any means necessary. gun nut.

"removes murderers from society permanently"

pretty simple huh? With, granted, the unfairly and wrongly convicted, it is a perplexing problem. Just recently I have taken another look at my stand on 'execute them all'. But the question that keeps cropping up, with me, is while the murder victim(s) problems are over here, what drives individuals to slaughter innocent human beings beside the obvious mental illnesses. Are all murderers driven by mental illness? Was the murderer of my sister mentally ill. If he was, he hid it well because I knew him. To this day I would want him to suffer the pain and terror he caused my sister. And true it's not just about me. There is too much racism, classism and just plain corruption out here to justify all executions. Yet the pain and terror these contemptible human pieces of waste cause is not to be just written off as 'serving the rest of their lives behind bars'. What if they escape?


I don't quite get what you're saying. But all I'm saying is the nation of islam was a place for oppressed blacks to feel safe from the virulent and vicious white hate of the day. The NOI reflected the hate given, back on to the oppressor, and that bugged the fuck out of racists. So I don't see why people are all bugged out about the congressman speaking on their radio show. It's a viable venue and he spoke the truth. Did I clear anything up?

race of this POTUS

is a huge factor in rethuglican opposition. To deny that is........this upsurge in survivalist gun toting, white male idiocy is because these people want their country back in white hands. It is racial!!! Race for the last 6 years has been a huge factor in our political life in this 'post racial' society

steppin fetchit

by his own admission was just trying to keep a black presence in the media of the day. He was not happy with the caricature, but happy to represent in front of the cameras of the day. Clarence Thomas is an abomination. A simpleton clown and an uncle tom. I agree with Thompson no matter the venue.

"A hate group"

created because of the hate of whites for blacks. Do your homework before spouting off willy nilly. I almost became a black muslim because of the hate I felt in the 60's. My aversion to any organized religious control stopped that. But I understand why they came into being. What white people can't be hated for their racist attitudes that have driven the politics of this country for 350 years?

yet what the congressman said

is true and it doesn't change just because he said it to the nation of islam. Which was an alternative to the white racial hate in it's inception. They are just a reflection of the hate given by whites to blacks. Go Bennie!!!!

yeah almost the same here in U.S

the Republican/Tea Party is racist, but they pretend not to be in order to get matching funds. They are racist of course but are very skilled, with the use of 'code words', at navigating the boundaries of racial civility. The bundy clusterf... showed that to me with all of his 'supporters' in the media and in the national and local political spheres. I have counter protested, in the past, KKK marches in my adopted hometown and would stand in their way again. The right uses the same strategy worldwide. Block them all, vociferously.

I am so glad that our POTUS

did not send in agents to destroy this idiot. I can see the scenario now. Federal agents get into a firefight with the seditious armed individuals who had their weapons trained on them. Bundy killed or wounded, the women and children he was going to put out front as human shields are killed and wounded. There are numerous casualties on both sides and instead of focusing on the seditious behavior of this 'terrorist' group, the headline in RW circles would have been black man killing whites. Pure and simple. Our President handled this correctly. Now I hope he finds a way to arrest this idiot and his supporters and puts them in prison for the rest of their lives. These type of people want a civil war. They feel minorities and women have usurped their god given white supremacy over the planet and an african-american POTUS is the straw that broke their back. What a joke this country has shown itself to be to the world lately and all because a black man is living in a white house at 1600 pennsylvania avenue and is the leader of the 'free' world. Sad joke.

no discussion necessary

a few decades of leveling the playing field with affirmative action has, as is proven by today's political landscape, done nothing to continue the leveling process. In fact certain 'sub groups' are claiming victimization because of affirmative action while the people who need affirmative action to continue are facing the same generational bigotry, hate and racism my great grandparents faced and I feel that hate is more virulent today. No affirmative action has a firm place and is still needed to rectify ignorance and stupidity perpetrated by certain 'sub groups' in america. Period.
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