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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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actually I was talking

with russian friends familiar with the situation last evening and both she and he voiced concern about all the nuclear material that could fall into the wrong hands, both the ultra-nationalist(rightwing fascists) responsible for starting this mess. Yes america is backing the fascists, again. And Putin is worried about terrorists groups getting their hands on the nuclear material(suitcase nukes, ect)also, and both my friends stressed that this is probably the situation? Are they wrong? Not a big worry with all the madness, chaos, anarchy and mayhem going on now in the Ukraine?

"8pm to 4am in a dangerous part of town"

well that's off campus, usually. Nothing to do with my statement concerning concealed weapons ON CAMPUS. What is it about you 2nd amendment aficionados that you can't understand, 'no guns on campus'? The state I live in issues concealed weapons permits, fine if that's what the citizen wants to carry to feel 'safe', fine. They don't belong in the halls of higher learning. This god mentality behind carrying a loaded weapon on ones person is disgusting. This wild west mentality that has taken over our nation is sickening. The violence and unnecessary death and maiming because of a need to feel safe in the "dangerous parts of town", wonder where that is, has compelled me to speak out against all this need to carry a gun ON CAMPUS. Gunslingers of the wild west is still the mentality engendered here. Nothing else. The NYT piece is a good start in the direction of sane debate on the need to have a loaded gun on ones person ON CAMPUS.

Bigotry and racism is, I say for the thousandth time,

systemic and institutionalized in america. 300 years and STILL counting. White privilege and sense of entitlement is even more entrenched and hung on to today and I suspect some of the racism and bigotry has to do with white fear, according to studies, of the majority race fast becoming the minority race in this country.. And yes the zimpig trial opened my eyes about a lot of so-called liberals on DU's site. Taught me a large lesson about my fellow 'liberal and progressives' on this site. And yes I was pretty angry at our POTUS for a while for not following through on promises I voted for. Yet once I really delved into the politics of obstructionism based on racism both legislatively and judicially, my POTUS got a BIG pass. No POTUS has faced the level of hate based solely on his color as my President has in the LAST SIX YEARS. The death threats are off the charts compared to other CE's. What you want to bet at least 75 percent of them come from Rush Limpig followers, Beckheads and duck dynasty assholes based strictly on his color? No. America is not anywhere near being past racism. The Democratic party has racists who hate blacks just like any other organized group in america. MAYBE, just less than, say, the republican party.

no they don't

let me try to break it down to the LOWEST common denominator for you. Weapons such as hidden guns are not necessary in the higher halls of learning. Shootouts in classrooms and on college campuses put many people at risk for no reason. The recent spate of shootings by disgruntled students are tragic. Yet hidden guns will not stop that behavior. Disgruntled and crazy usually = suicidal. So some student shooting back at the suicidal student will only add more lethal projectiles to a situation where the police and shooter are, more than likely, firing. If my logic is faulty, so be it. I stand by it.

you're right

since 2003 we've been an imperialist nation sending young men and women into the meat grinder of war for corporate profit and greed, necessitated by every SUV out there over 2000 pounds. PNAC has made this a nation of 'warriors'. Glorification not justified, you're right. Don't get me wrong, most are in the armed services because there are no opportunities out there for the non college bound young man or woman. If they want to go to college, most can't afford it without the help they get from VA after their ETS. So most are just trying to gain a skill and to have a job. I call them forced into service because of the american economic system. I joined to get money for college. I was also an army brat. It's all I knew.

women like this crazy individual

are who keep misogyny going, because she "knows her place" as the religionists and male teabaggers have taught her. Until the 45% of women who voted for romney QUIT voting against their own interests there will be no major cultural changes in racism, misogyny and homophobia in this country. Period. She is one of many responsible for the "deteriorating conditions" in this country.

just like racism, homophobia, misogyny

is systemic and institutionalized. Until there is a major shift in cultural norms that americans(males) embrace now and that the 45% of women who voted for romney back, sadly, like 300 years of racism in this country the thousands of years of misogyny will not change anytime soon. "if people cannot handle treating women with respect then they do not belong on this site". True. I respect all who respect me.

no argument here

argument is meaningless. He was very successful in following orders from above. Him planning, no. Him executing, yes. This POTUS a better planner, and an intellectual with a brilliant mind. Bush jr, not so much. In fact I would venture to say he is one of the least intelligent people to hold that office in the last 200 hundred years. He was a joke, always will be in my book. His father was famous for cynical jokes, Clarence Thomas was one after Thurgood Marshal. And he had a joke of an idiot son. I wish the shoe had hit him, personally.


but according to you money and how it was spent making RW promises that he has kept, to the detriment of the wisconsin populace, tells me that this is who the MAJORITY of wisc votes cast their vote for. Weak democrat challenger? Find a strong one. No excuse. He/she is somewhere in that state, I guess. I lumped no Democrat into the "shithead" camp. Sorry if that's what was perceived. I find a lot of americans vote against their own best interests. 47% voted for romney. 45% women voted for romney. 53% of married women voted for romney and rethugs to take the choices they have concerning their bodies like abortion rights ect away from them. Americans DO NOT think it through. When republican sugar is poured into their ears, men and women, they start swooning and voting for those clowns. I don't get it.

and it's not going away

anytime soon. Per the statement of congress being divided as it was immediately preceding the american civil war, true. This 'shadow government' will let us kill each other over partisan political disagreement only because it keeps us divided and not observing their slow march toward fascism(militarized police forces that kill at will) that keep us cowed and oppresses us all. Republican RW politics is designed to keep us at each others throat. Fox news, idiots like limpig and beck et al are their tools to do this. 47% of the american electorate believe every word spewing from the mouths of these type of brown shirted clowns. Actually I feel like I'm in the Weimar Republic just prior to hitler taking power in 1933. Brown shirt laws, SYG, murder of so called 'thugs' judicially protected, taking food away from the unworthy. Food stamps and social help for the poor withdrawn with a let them fight over crumbs mentality fostered by an unfeeling RW mentality. Greed capitalism is the only 'new' element in our modern equation. And it is unfeeling and vicious. Basically an ubertool of the club of the super rich running the 'shadow governments' of the world. Racism running rampant. I'm waiting for mass book burning(s) and our own 'kristallnacht' against the poor and people deemed inferior and unworthy. We need to wake the fuck up and make a government for the people and by the people. Acknowledging that the people really do not hold the power of their future n their hands is a first step in that direction. Whether the PTB's believe it or not, it really is our country. And it's fate is in ALL our hands. With constant awareness, such as article above, we can have the country we desire. I do hope.
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