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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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was just reading my daily dose of DU

and this one caused an OD. No surprise though. I'm glad the racist clowns on here finally are saying what all the zimpig, wilsonthepig, guiliani supporters, NYPD union supporters, Crawford killer cop supporters, the ones who said the pregnant black woman slapped down by the white cop deserved it because she was not compliant enough.

Sooner or later, they are all uncovered or feel bold enough to write what's written in the OP above. This is why I hold NO ILLUSIONS of what waits for us after next months installation of the new representatives of the Plutocrats and their racist lackeys. THANK GOD we DO HAVE an AA POTUS who has not much to lose and a veto pen...fingers crossed here. With the bluedogs in Congress always having been in league with the RW racist-fascists, as evidenced in the OP, I don't think AA people have real hope of much more progress in the upcoming year. You uppity women better get back in the kitchen... you LBGT....better hide again, at least the non racist ones.....progressives...we are so far, it seems, outnumbered, but still in the fight. When they finally cremate this old body, it will be left up to the next generation and there lay the sadness for me, another generation of minorities and women have to keep fighting for equality against the privileged white males and their supporters from all sexes and the complete political spectrum...... I have had enough for awhile with the hypocrites on this site, but I couldn't pass this one up, just couldn't. POST RACIAL????! MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody can say it, true

but a lot haven't here and a lot have defended wilsonthepig here. His story he stands by and who am I to judge when the the distracting/diversion tactic is so artfully used here consistently by so many? BS? Fake? Who made you the 'expert'?

what you said is relevant

and timely. Do not let the people on here who are creating distraction from your salient point concerning, killing, human feelings associated with killing and the lack of remorse from the executioner, wilsonthepig. It's a tactic of a lot of people here use to create a controversy on one point in an OP to take the focus off a point that is conspicuously true and they disagree with. It's a fine art honed over many generations of denial of the ugliness that is this country perpetrates on minorities. Hang in there, it's typical behavior. I've been watching it since zimpig murdered Travon Martin. A LOT of people on here have supported wilsonthepig and zimpig. No need to delete methinks.


the "touch" is devastatingly true. That's why admonishment was not forthcoming.....

glad to read this

someone one that force has some integrity and can stand on proper principle.

bush, cheney

and the rest of the PNAC crowd are screaming, "who's your daddy"!!!!!!! They must be really proud of this mess they wreaked and misery that they have inflicted on the people of this region.

I haven't gone after Ryan

or his statement of wilsonthepig being a remorseless killer. The personal stuff I am reserving ANY judgement on. There are more knowledgeable people on here questioning his story. As I told them, my agreement with Ryan is on the remorseless killer aspect of his OP. Period. That's all that really concerns me about his whole OP. His story if true, can be understood concerning the feelings associated with war and the necessity of killing.

white backlash against a system of

governance that can allow a black person to be elected, basically. I wish we could have a strong liberal and I mean liberal independent progressive movement. But if it is anything like the liberal and progressives I've had the wonderful experience of dealing with for the last 30+ years, it won't happen. The right and left party elite along with their lackeys will try to destroy it before it gets off the ground. Something like was done to the Occupy movement, coopted with infiltrated people with the one express purpose of making it meaningless.
Cointelpro style.

Hopefully it can be done. I'm all for it.

the most recent statistic of cops killed

the last year recorded 2012-48-44 killed by firearms, according to thee FBI data. your 120 seemed a little high.

No one knows

how many shooting and killings by police happen every year. Those type of records are not keep accurately, never have been. What wikipedia? okay..............The Washington Post ran a story on that very subject, Aug 8 this year.
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