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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

typical amerikan response

to the less fortunate who may have a chance at bettering themselves with a topnotch education. Really sad. I know, I know they don't want a tidal wave of 'poor' children trying the same thing, lest their community and schools become less than they are, pristine enclaves of privileged assholes with no empathy for those less well off..... I would like to know the nationality of this child, I presume Hispanic after reading article.

No flak about the rams from me

but you missed my point. Yet as someone who has never faced what black people face on a daily basis, laying dead in the street for 5 hours after being shot unarmed multiple times by a piglikewilson and other modern day lynchings, how could you really understand the paranoia. But hey, this is amerikkka, ya got to luv it.......

The authorities only understand violence and fires

and see peaceful protest as weak. Why do I say that? A certain segment of society, that did sit-in's and other forms of peaceful protest are STILL fighting for equal justice and equal human and civil rights under the law since..........forever. People who have all their rights guaranteed, so far, can't seem to understand this fact.

My heart almost burst with pride at these two

I was twenty. In Vietnam. It uplifted a lot of us who were fighting the Confederates in our company.

I am sooooo glad

the those Rams players stuck it in the eye of many who were watching and have continually given that bullshit about property being more important and worthy of condemnation than executions of unarmed black males in the streets, parks and stores. I applaud their action to the high heavens. Who said they couldn't be political. Fuck joseph scaronthefaceofamerikkka.

And people look up

to and revere this POS. geez some americans...

who was she praying to?

that's my question. Who/what does she believe in? That's another question I have. David duke, GWB, typical RW christian belief that white is the only race that matters to god.

what she said about the Obama children is how racism

is couched in the david duke/RW christian schools of racism by rightwingers and many others............elsewhere...... She runs a company. Wonder how many minorities of color are in her company?

It's called "closing ranks"

and it is one of the major problems facing citizens and honest police officers alike. And judging by how many will attest/confirm corruption and malfeasance within their departments, there are VERY FEW officers with morals or principle, not to mention honesty. Fuck the SLPOA, big time. I find the Rams that did that as standing up to injustice.

that was rolled in later

during the framing of testimony phase--3 months of contriving and fitting what the prosecutor wanted the GJ to hear. The chief said wilsonthepig "did not know of store incident. They had talked and when the chief said, "did you know he was a suspect in the store robbery"? Wilson answered no.The GJ was a whitewash and that's what you're condoning here. And yes, I am sure you sleep well at night, most....... do. The willful discounters here get no pass. geez
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