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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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all my rebuttals to your woeful ignorance

of race relations is tied together. Your attempt at justifying blacks being more crime prone just show what rock you live under. BHO is the POTUS because any fool could see mittshit was a foolish clown who is capable of destroying families and homes with his corporate raidership and didn't deserve to be POTUS. I applaud the people who voted for BHO. They were/are the smart ones. 47% of the voting public voted for mittshit. How's that for a fact! Our history is a tragic example of white entitlement and feelings of superiority enslaving a culture to the point of systemically poisoning race relations for generations..
BHO getting elected scared many, many people who felt their white privilege and entitlement was threatened. The point is your idea of improvement is sad and ignorant of realty. DWB is an example of no improvement. The prison system reflects the racist nature of justice in this country. Racism went underground, not away since the 60's. BHO caused fear among all white people who were/are racist based on their feelings of deserving white privilege and entitlement at the expense of minorities. David Duke showed the hooded clowns that they didn't have to march anymore, but if they could, there would be 50,000 marching down pennsylvania ave today. White people standing on the sidelines laughing would make no difference to those 50,000 and I don't doubt there are non-racist white people. Don't talk about knowing it's 'better' for minorities. You know nothing about minorities and the struggles they and all poor people face in this 'great' country. There are better nations than ameriKKKa. Your facts suck and are not based in reality. I'm going to try not to waste time with you anymore. My statement on your failing grade, in understanding amerikkkan race relations, still stands.


you are in your blame game that blacks are more prone to crime than whites. fine stay there. My amerikkka is what amerikkka is, 50,000 klansmen marching down pennsylvania avenue in their lovely white robes and hoods. my amerikkka is the supremes tearing down civil rights legislation. my amerikkka is restrictive voter registration laws in 35 states. my amerikkka is trayvon martin lying dead on the ground because he was black therefore suspect and lord, he had a hoodie on. you can tout all the stats you want. The racist pig that shot these two black men is a WHITE racist who shot two 'suspicious' BLACK men NOT on his property. You get insulted because your race is pointed out. The navy yard shooter was pointed out as black early in his insane and suicidal shooting spree. For many, many decades the perp was identified as negro, the other n word, colored and black. So I cannot feel for your fake outrage covering up for who knows what under the surface thoughts of race you have careening around in that skull of yours. Please don't insult me. Like I said, someone like you does not fool someone like me who has watched the march of racism, in ameriKKKa for 50+ years of reasoned and logical thinking. I know you and it ain't pretty. otherwise, have a lovely day.

go ahead

your figures will probably show a skewed number. White was mentioned because this racist clown was white, just like zimmerman, just like that white clown in dearborn, mich who blew the face off a unarmed young black woman with a shotgun because she, being drunk, in an accident, probably disoriented, rang his doorbell at the wrong time of night. Not all knockout crime are black on white. Race has always been an issue in amerikkka, deal with it! Go ahead put up your numbers to show black people are so crime prone. Who in the hell do you think you're fooling? HuH!!!!!!!

well as they said in my day:

money talks, bullshit walks. This statement is THE reflection of that. There have always been the 'little' poor and the 'big' rich. Until the 'little ' poor masses stand up and vote AND PROTEST en mass, people like paul weyrich will always have their boot on our necks. I woke up long time ago, never missed an election, national or local, although now at 66 I'm really wondering, did my vote really count.I do have my doubts because of the money game in american politics. I have protested publically about all decisions contrary to my conscience since Nixon all the way up to and including our present POTUS. What must we do to energize the masses to the gross inequality of rich against the poor?

Doesn't surprise me in the least

we as citizens of different countries and cultures are slowly being desensitized to the the cruelty and barbarity present on our world/planet. Until we, en mass, start fighting this with, first, love and then with demands for economic equality around the world, we are, as the human race, doomed. We will continue to allow the historical cycle of the rich to wage war against the poor(the french revolution comes to mind) by buying elections and corrupt politicians who lead by cruelty (cutting off of much needed food benefits comes to mind) and deceit. (most politicians come to mind) I hope people start getting fed up with the obvious distractions and lies. Faux news and rushpig comes to mind from among many. It's going to take ALL people with a conscience to vote their conscience to stem this tide of war, famine and pitilessness present in the human race at this juncture of history.

the biggest demoninations

condoned slavery and segregation. They are the same today. One large denomination is as racist and hateful today as it was then, all in the name of god. Their members follow rushpig and uncle roger to their end on this planet. Church has always been a control tool of the 1%ers and they will never be in danger of losing their tax free status as long as they do the bidding of their 1%er masters. Just my take. I agree with you totally.

Happy Martin Luther King Day

He is one of the greatest americans that ever lived. All people, the oppressed and the oppressor were freed by him. Without him I might still have to say yah suh and yessum to all non minorities.


nothing excuses this individual punching this woman. I hope she got help and no more punches since we have not walked the proverbial mile in her shoes. No one has questioned how she possibly ended up in the streets to get viciously punched by this 'peace officer'. The tragedies, betrayals, human evil and cruelty that got her to the point of her being in this video. Your answer has NO compassion whatsoever. But by the vagaries of fate, there goes all of us. The cop was a coward for hitting this woman. Restraint and a hospital would have been the answer, not a punch. And to further this little treatise, I read nothing in your response about our society and vicious capitalist culture, bred by a RW fascist mentality that has allowed this woman to fall between the 'social safety net' cracks and that has bred vicious cops like this? Nothing! This type of behavior by our 'servers and protectors' is getting more vicious and lethal everywhere. This is NOT an isolated incident. I am not living in a vacuum. Many sources show the escalating violence in our society by both crooks and police officers. The response to violence should be a tit for tat response to violent criminals and appropriate in those cases, yet I'm finding more and more innocent people being shot, minority persons more often than not, by police officers who shot first and asked the questions later. I find people today are more apt to blame someone like this woman for their ending up like she has rather than asking how and why. But that points to the selfish dog eat dog mentality that greed capitalism has bred in this society for the last 35+ years. Why did this woman, an american citizen, end up in a place where she is being punched by a 'peace officer'? That's the question. Not some statement that people have "lost patience" with her. How asinine a response by the individual quoted in your response! I don't feel much compassion from you or that person. I see this society growing more vicious and cruel with each passing decade. Enlightened response from you or your source you quoted? I don't think so.

what you're doing

is distraction and an obfuscating of the point that some corporations, in their pursuit of profit, could care less about the damage done to the common citizen, especially if the common citizen is not a buyer or user of their product. The lack of caring in this case, given the facts, IS malicious. Their overall quality control and safety procedures were nonexistent for this to happen. You're confusing your need to protect the corporate image, for whatever motive, with our need to protect ourselves from corporate malfeasance and malicious negligence. Your defense of motives behind this utterly ridiculous and shameful incident, that put hundreds of thousands at risk, leaves your understanding of the initial point twisting in the wind.

I'm beginning to realize

these are the type of 'patriots' that slaughtered the Native American Nations almost to extinction, enslaved a whole race of people in this country for profit and to prove their religious and racial superiority and subjugated women to the point that even they had to fight for the constitutional right to vote. When will the majority wake up and send this dangerous cancer to the dustbin of history. Just when? geez
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