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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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I wholeheartedly agree with the stupid analysis.

Can't seem to shake it since a man called Reagan started the RW insanity project based on racism, ignorance and downright backwardness. Culminating with some Amurikkkans worst nightmare, a man of color in the white house. Oh god, it gave them the excuse they needed to act like total fools since 2008. Remember first inaugural they promised obstruction as long as BO was in office only because he was a man of color in the white house. This country has, with this gun rights bullshit, shown it's true fear of the man of color in the white house. And while in some places what you say was true about the gun toting 'old west', it's not based on the stories handed down in my family from those days of lore. Violence, bloodshed, racism and ignorance marked that time. Just the modern stupid is fresher in minds of today. Historical stupid has always been the rule instead of the exception.

I got more than I can handle

actually with the insanity of the amerikan system of non-governing based on white racism, stupidity and downright backwardness. You need to wake up amerurikan. It would not, with the RW insanity respected by47% of the amurikan populace, surprise me to find out I am correct. Your opinion on this got 10 demerits.

So, I take it

you fail to understand that it's not the policies of Obama that are failing, but the Democrat Party that is weak and failing with the likes of Reid and Pelosi guiding our legislatures/Senators. I feel general run of the mill Obama hate from your OP. Yes he has policies that I disagree with, yet if the bluedogs hadn't created problems and denied him the votes he needed for some of his attempts at bettering the lives of seniors and the disabled along with weak leadership mentioned above, we would be better off. Better start laying the blame where it really belongs. Your blame is just not well placed. And oh yeah, along with racist republicans, my POTUS has had to deal with racism in our own party. You cut the disingenuous crap. ODS is present in both party's with no excuse for the lack of backup from members of his own Party. Yeah, let's cut the crap!

this speech

is one of the reasons he was killed. Once he started including all the poor and international issues of amerikan malfeasance around the world in his speeches, he was doomed. And I think Obama knows how good a man and leader Dr. King was. Obama is a classic american system politician. He will/has to compromise to get things done. And given the fact that he is a black man leading the free world has the amerikkkan racist, for the last five years, in a rabid lather. Some of those racist have threatened his family. Oh I remember some POS RWer putting out on the web where Obama's children were vacationing. Had never happened in any other POTUS reign. Obama knows who and what Dr. King meant to a lot of black people. He forgot nothing.

I agree

This recent Islamic religious violence between different sects and against christians raises many questions. The shooters in the mall let muslims out before they started their killing. I think their holy jihad for sect dominance and against christians is in full swing around the world. Against christians because of our initial invasion in Iraq in 2003-4. That started the holy war. One sect against another started this time because of differences in belief brought to the surface precisely because of the violence of our war against them and their differences on how to respond to the 'christian' attack against them. It much more complicated than that with oil, economics, american imperialism and western arrogance. Ignorance because american imperialists at PNAC didn't think it though. All they saw was oil profit, that's it. It was the match that lit the fire of long simmering tensions between the sects. Secularism kept the tensions tamped down. Once that authority was removed, people and sects who thought their way of thinking about 'god' was the correct way to think started the drive for dominance. It's spreading, WW3 is not long off, I think. The drive for profit started all this, this time.

this country

has a history of shamefully treating it's soldiers and veterans of wars and 'conflicts' in which they had prosecuted at the behest of 'knowledgeable' leaders. Treated both shamefully and with disrespect. Recently from Rumsfeld sending thousands of troops into harms way WITHOUT proper equipment to that goddamn shrub 'flying' onto the "mission accomplished" flight deck attired in that goddamn leather flying jacket to using depleted uranium in munitions without telling troops we have been treating our soldiers like so much chattel to be treated with disdain and dishonor. The fact that this vet has to write something like this is the end for me. America, you stink! American leaders, you stink. American people don't let this despicable treatment of our vets continue. Show some righteous anger!

I won't disagree.

Somewhat, so far, as a 'true' progressive, a disappointment. But with the money driving our political system you can only be as progressive as a Clintonista can be. The bankers and corporations control this system. And I don't want Hillary as next POTUS. President Warren would work and if she makes it to POTUS, I bet she'll have to govern center right also..

well given the fact that

this shooting today in D.C. puts to rest that armed good guys will 'prevent' something like this. It was a military facility with multiple armed 'good guys'. I just think too many guns make for crazy/disgruntled/ people having access to them too much of a possibility. I have NO PROBLEM with responsible gun owners. Just need some kind of way to screen people better for emotional, psychological 'problems'. Just one way to prevent this madness. I'm just glad this shooter today did not have one of the type of weapon that this OP is about. Definitely would have been a higher death toll. Violence will be with us always. Some violence can be prevented. Banning certain kinds of weapons in civilian hands is one way. We must at least try to get around NRA bullshit.

I knew nothing

of this experiment. This is a great learning/teaching tool. I was actually very upset while viewing this and learning, in a very stark and open manner, of how the white power structure uses their racist tools to beat a non-white person down. Truly amazing. Bookmarked as a classic KEEPER. I applaud Ms. Jane Elliot Brown and give her the highest accolades for at least trying to expose the reality of systemic racism in american culture.

we here in america

are at the mercy of politicians paid off by lobbyist for the AMA and pharmaceutical giants who make a royal killing off of the medications you probably had to have and take and the care those said doctors and hospitals provide. Profit driven not care driven. Not caring whether we go bankrupt because of a sickness and not caring if we die because we're poor. I'm sixty five and I won't see universal care in this country, ever, while I'm alive. B.O has started the ball rolling but those said politicians won't let anything get in the way of their payoff, not even the health and welfare of the people who, against their best interests, voted them into office. Period. And good luck on your recovery.
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