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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

Some rules

need to be broken if they are going to be fixed. Some rules, and it seems more and more, are becoming more draconian, unforgiving and yes fascist. Ok on the counsel in this case. Yet hunger sometimes does not allow a person to think clearly. I know for a personal fact, this is true. Asking for the food would not have hurt anything, so that was a possible route. Pure hearts and being morally right are shields against rigid authoritarians who brook no breaking of the rules and meting out punitive punishment outside the bounds of the alleged crime. No this person should not have been fired. I supervised for 18 of my 26 years at the job I retired from. Never had a union grievance against me and always accomplished the mission. Breaks for people are necessary sometimes because of extenuating circumstances. Hunger and poor judgement, extenuating circumstances?

some wars

sadly, have a reason for being. But most wars do not. Only the rich profit from war, all wars. Everyone else is forced either to fight in that war(rich kids usually don't) and have to suffer deprivation, combat, injury, psychological and emotional damage at the needless waste of humanity that ALL war brings with it. It just seems that in the last 12 years, war is the preferred manner of settling differences or gaining precious items like lithium desired by industry and oil that is needed and desired by us all. The last 80 years? I've studied them(wars) and Hitler was the only provocateur that needed to be destroyed. Arbeit macht frei camps deserved to be stopped and the mentality that drove the formation of those camps destroyed. Sadly that thinking is still with us. Wars. Greed. A stain on human existence. Sorry, went off on a rant.


you've never had to subsist on food stamps, I have. You've not been hungry lately or ever probably. How about he should have been told to ask for a sandwich. If I was manager of a stargivemeyourbucks, that's what I would have done for one of my employees. Oh I forgot, money and profit was involved. Health and safety laws? Tell that to someone who doesn't know what hunger is about.

We are an extremely divided country

politically, socially, racially and financially. "Divided we fall".

that photo

speaks volumes. I said this very thing long ago about the bankers and MIC power over the office of POTUS. So I'll go back to, like the rest of the Obama haters, Obama is a bad POTUS because.....blah, blah, blah..... Most 'good' americans just don't want to face the reality that the POTUS is a figurehead who is thrown out in the front every four years to have us 'vote', to keep up the illusion of democracy or like in the case of Bush 2000....some PTB said "fuck it, take it, fuck the vote". But what's a citizen to do? Object? For historical record, objection will be noted, but object in a meaningful way? Nope can't happen.

no suprise

the church in the south and north and west and east has always been racist. Period. In the south especially since slavery times it has continuously divided people along racial lines based on flawed and racially self serving interpretation(s) they make from the bible. How's that for kind?


will never respect this minister only because she is black. No different than some of the rethugs and all teabaggers when it comes to the POTUS of this country. These type of people don't know what respect is and won't respect others outside their sphere of knowledge. Hell you can tell by their common thread of stupidity, ignorance and backwardness that they really don't have the capacity to think deep enough to find respect, for themselves or others. Yep makes a lot of sense.

In the 80's

I attended a southern baptist church(first mistake). Yes, I was a dyed in the wool evangelical christian. Not ashamed of that either. Yet when I fell in love with another christian who was of a different race than I and she I, it was the (second mistake). First we were asked not to sit together in church services. We objected(third mistake). Three strikes and you're out. The 'official' reason was then given, "some of our members are offended by your relationship". I asked. "why"? Preacher just looked at me. I knew why, I just wanted to hear him say it. I then entered another question, "if god gave miriam leprosy until she recanted her rebellion against her brother moses, she had used the fact that moses had taken a cushite(black) wife as an instigation of her jealous rebellion and god never told moses he was wrong for taking that race wife then why were we wrong?" He jumped up and shouted, "this is my church!" I jumped back, two seconds from busting his nose, "yeah that's the problem, it's your church and not god's church." My friend pulled me out of the office, I was seething. Well his church has grown into a local mega-church, so god had 'blessed' him and I guess I was wrong to love the right person at the wrong time. We were together for eighteen years. The situation above is an extenuation of that line of thinking. I want no part of bigoted, racist and close minded individuals who claim to know the love of jesus. I hope Kat's family finds another church more open to their family. I never went looking again. My religion is personal.

this is

a society led by powers that brook NO protest of their on high status and 'laws'. The on high 'gods' will turn violent through their proxies(police and military- I remember det(12th street riots-67, lot's of AA killed by the military and police) if we don't submit to their orders of obedience. They will kill. 'From Wounded Knee to Libya'--Dr. Zoltan Grossman. Another 'Kent State' in the offing? Possible.
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