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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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oh well

Corporations run(ruin) this planet for profit and unless those 'leaders' wake up and see the "red hue" will destroy them also, there is nothing that will stop this 6th? extinction. Period. And us 'little people' will be cowering in our little hovels, wringing our hands, lamenting life's fate, brought to us by the corporate profit machines called gasoline guzzlers, and we'll go out with a fucking whimper. We'll only have ourselves to blame for our extinction because we knew our consumption of various products were a harbinger of our demise.

This is extremely sad to me

all this over 'things' that will be, with the quality control over the manufacture of these items being virtually non-existant, non-working, broken and forgotten about sooner or later. What people think is important now is very sad indeed.

Romshit got 47% of the popular vote

put your numbers of population that is screwed in the head and you'll find quite a few 'angry white males'(and females) who "want their country back". Don't try telling me that hate and racism is not widespread the numbers are prolific. Every since our POTUS has been at the head of the ship of state, the mutineers are growing. A black POTUS has NOT brought any harmony or a color blind society, just the opposite. The racist roaches and skunks that had remained hidden came out of their dark, dark and dank hiding places and have inhabited the right wing comment sections and blogs spewing the RW racist bullshit found dribbling out of Rush's pig mouth and glenn beckerhead.. Their numbers are legion. I disagree with you, totally and without equivocation.

Given the races involved

doesn't surprise me. This is amerikkka and black people don't resist white cops for any reason and if they do and are armed or unarmed, risk immediate death by execution. They were just black kids No biggie in shooting INTO van. No they would NOT have shot into a van full of white kids. Period. No she shouldn't have driven off, I do not understand that, but she was unarmed and so was the kid. No excuse on shooting into that van. Protect and serve my ass, stop and execute is more like it.

I'm 65 and and given how long virulent racism

has been in amerikkka, my children's grandchildren's children will still have to deal with the stupidity, ignorance and backwardness of amerikkka's racism. It just won't die. Why? I think I know why but it concerns slavery and the aftermath, segregation, lynchings, christianity and how all of these have generationally ingrained HATE and FEAR in those susceptible to racial hate, in the south especially, southern baptists particularly but not exclusively, and no one want's to address all those issues in one place, at one time.

just a matter of time

till there is nothing to stop us being in an e.l.e. because of our poisoning our habitat because of corporate indifference and greed along with just plain human stupidity. I'm glad I'm a 'senior' citizen. I might not see it. But I really feel for the young children's generation between 4-10?
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