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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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keep em drugged, won't cause trouble except problems caused by thugs killing for them to sell them on the streets for 1/3 price. Or more addicted people. Oh yeah, already mentioned that. Real pity what this country is turning into. I know, dumb post. Yet I was truly affected by Huxley's 'Brave New World'


better hurt politically than shot or worse. I just don't trust the right wing wackos out there that hate the color of our POTUS. It's an inescapable fact that someone of that ilk, gungeoneer and all would try to do something stupid at a high profile event that at it's inception was a call to allow men like our POTUS the chance to be who they can be. I'm in total agreement with our POTUS. Maybe he can offer a few words from the East Room or something.

now if that small pellet

could kill him that quickly and thousands are in the bottom of these leaking containment units at Fuckedupshima, no one or science can tell me these horrible things aren't poisoning our ocean(s).

they promised to obstruct and destroy Obama

six long years ago. Obstruct they have, in spades. Mean, vicious people with one agenda, make the black POTUS a failure so no one can say he was better than the shrub, reagan, shrub senior and the the 'crook'. Obstruct sure, Obamas legacy of some good done, guaranteed. Fuck the teanazis and their rethug lapdogs. on edit: by the way he IS better than any of those clowns previously mentioned in this response.

Zimpig the dangerous

report: George Zimmerman left behind bullet riddled target for wife to find when she was in new york for 'Today' show interview. She said she "had developed doubts" about her husbands innocence. Yeah, right. Raw story, Oct 31, is source. This monster, disguished as a human being, is his own worst enemy.

I really am glad

that Barack Obama got elected. It has allowed our country's hate to be seen by the whole world and while I am not surprised at the hate that has been shown so far, I am truly sad and embarrassed at the ignorance and backwardness of this supposed 'enlightened and christian nation'. What a fucking joke. Cruz and his father are dispelling ALL the lies of this 'democracy' being just that. NOT!!!!! One day it's slave sales to start again(Chicago rethug/teanazis). Next day, send the POTUS back to Africa? This has truly been an eye opening 6 years for me concerning race relations in amerikkka.

Gawd bless amurikkka

Well you always knew it was a possibility, didn't you? I drive a 95 Honda with 300,000+ miles on it. Engine still turns over everyday. Body is shot now, I kept up with it for years, now can't so much. Waiting for some smartass 'peace officer' to stop me while driving. Everyday. 'Keep on pushin'. Maybe one day we'll see a change in people like that. But with the Teanazis out there, MSM, Faux news and limbaugh covering for them and excusing them or ignoring their racist transgressions, I fucking doubt it. Their mentality has been around for 307 years in amerikkka and counting.

Our current political landscape?

1923 Bear Hall Putsch, attempted coup against Weimar Republic, failed. 2013 government shutdown, attempted coup by Teanazis, failed. 1933, nazis legally elected to head government. Well we know what happened there. 2020-24 elections or earlier. Will we face our own nazis leading our government?.....

In response to your first line in OP

I can and I know why.shrug: We have gone from being a citizenry looking and striving for enlightenment, suffrage, better working conditions, end to child labor, New Deal, Medicare, 1965 civil rights act to prewar 1933 Weimar Republic citizens following a RW/fascist leadership in concert with a MSM, to a hateful and dangerous place where any reason, black, gay, brown, 'immigrant' is reason to hate and destroy. Zimmerman the pig enlightened me on all these points We are in trouble as a nation and we 'progressives' have a fight on our hands in the next decade or two. Good luck in staving off the racist, hateful hordes(Tea Party at the head of the hordes) at the gates. this is most americans. DU you're a light in a very dark time.

what gets me is

that no one wants to understand or is willing to admit, former rather than latter, that collecting data was implicit in creating this network in the first place. Okay a server can store billions of bytes of information to transmit to personal and business concerns looking for information. Now tell me how no one creating this mess/terror called internet didn't realize that if you transmit data, you could receive data. It really is pretty simple and it is one reason I've never trusted this 'marvel' called a computer for personal use with connections worldwide. Google is one in the same, a government spying tool. It's not hard to figure out. I don't really give a damn any more. These governments in concert with megacorps know and have all the data needed for COMPLETE control all populaces, mind and body, no matter where.
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