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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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I don't think their is a difference between the robots and machetes.

I watched the tribal slaughter in Rwanda. I hate drones and unmanned flying, killing machines. We should be so very far past this. Take your framework and accept it. I will never accept our state of existence, because I am sure we're capable of peace or it wouldn't be in our vocabulary. Conflicts? Violence? No clucking here, just a fervent wish that one day they shall be no more. Call me an old idealist, I'm not ashamed. You can accept us as we are, I can't. I am trying to make myself better than that mentioned. No war, no killing over 'things', resources or land. White and black in this country is tribal. Always has been, hopefully we will move past color one day. I accept no negative aspects of being human, just wish we were more. I know we're not even close but that does not stop the desire to rid myself of these negative aspects. Lust, greed, avarice, hate, jealousy. All need to be put away.....good luck in your acceptance.

the 'false rape accusation' theory

comes because of fear of male loss of some kind of individualized concept of who or what a male is supposed to be. The buy in to this is the false notion of accusations being 'common' so as to distract from the many horrible violations women go through everyday, against their consent, because of them somehow being viewed as a lesser human created to be dominated by the male of the species. It's a civil and human rights issue. Women cannot be viewed as someone not worthy of human respect and personal dignity. Accept this 'myth' to your own detriment. And yes it is dangerous. No dispute.

I went to one meeting. felt no genuine human warmth.

nor acceptance. No overt hostility, though. that was 6 years past. I believe in one or more conspiracies. I allow for population manipulation and control techniques being used by 'leadership' people who 'democratically' were voted in or who came in on the business end of an M-16a1, Chicom, Kalashnikov. This is all a part of living existence in any country, just look at the slaughter of people in Syria, by their own government apparatus. Extremely sad situation. Yet people(citizens) are murdered, assassinated, covertly or openly by disaffected and/or threatened members of any group in any given country all the time. War is part of this slaughter that we haven't gotten our fill of yet. I wonder. But back to the point, nothing overt turned me off of them(libertarians), just unease at their extreme reservation of talking in front or even with me. I was the only, classified as such, african-american in attendance that evening.. I just see me as a part of the human race, not better, not worse. If their reason for not accepting me 'in' was something as petty as ones skin hue, shame on them. Their loss. I find most 'groups' have their theories on current and past, usually, political intrigues. No harm in that. I believe our poles are going to melt. I just pray both won't. This 'methane' and the Fukushima things worries me. That's not so bad, as is the worry IT IS the 'clowns' running their show. We do some pretty horrible things to each other in the name of 'power and profit'. Just my take on Libertarians. They are a diverse crowd, intrigue and conspiracy wise, I see. Liberal is a good way to go about. Acceptance of all unless a person show themselves as not worthy of respect, like hitler, ghengis kahn, bush/cheney/rice cabal, assad in syria..

this is an ugly, cruel, mean culture

guided by cruel, mean, greedy and vicious people (1%) actually less than that, just used a common reference. When are people (99%) going to have enough clout to beat down the palins, robertsons, kochs, zimpigs, cruzers, ryans, NRA, profit over people mentality? When? They can stop over a million people from having a safety net because we're the hostages to their hate and incompetence. I'm just amazed at how far this country has fallen. Our 'leaders' just don't get that you can keep screwing with people like this. Hateful hateful governing system. Might just as well be what it really is, a fascist state whose direction is being guided by the corporations and banks into a totalitarian state.

I have no problem

with anything expressed in your statement. This lefty puts a racist 'in their place' every chance I have to. People on here though have been on limpigs case for a long time. The left on here does not miss or ignore racism, homophobia, bigotry of all types. The 50 million that listen to hate radio and television do so because they want to. No amount of education or truth is going to sway 98% of them. They have always been with us and I fear will ALWAYS be with us lacking a positive evolutionary jump where they will be left behind. I hope. Have a happy holiday and new year.

you won't get an answer

for a question such as yours. It has the ability of making the backdoor apologists for Palin and her ilk quiet down. The Dixie Chicks got a raw deal and I still admire the courage they showed in the face of uberpatriotism based on a war that was prosecuted on a BIG lie. The hundreds of thousands of dead souls are screaming for justice one day. The silence to your question was thunderous.

bigotry is not complicated at all

hate and fear is the driving force behind racism's stupidity and ignorance. Racism has been here since before 1776. RW radio is a relatively new part of the equation and it has helped spread the news that 'the others' are to be feared and hated. I've been telling racist idiots to go back in their holes since the 60's. A lot of people have been telling racist's to go back into their holes for many generations. They are still here and seem to be more prolific than ever. limpig, beckerhead, palin, o'really and the rest of that ilk are nothing new, they are just using the tools available. They are the klan with their hoods off now. They do not care who sees the face behind the hate. Been dealing with this shit for a long time. Hate radio is just ONE MORE TOOL used by hateful people to spread their garbage. I reiterate, 47% of amerikkkans voted for romshit, that'sa lot of bigots. Ducky D just said out loud what that 47% were voting for. Have a good one.

my home is being foreclosed by Ocwen

I'm in my michigan 6 month redemption period. They turned me down since 2011, three time for modification of upside down loan. I make enough with social security and monthly postal pension to pay a reasonable amount.

racism in america

is systemic, institutionalized and pervasive. I'm telling nothing new. For generations, this disparity has been prevalent and ongoing. Black POTUS or not, amerikkkan racism is here to stay. Every time it has raised it's head in my life, I lived in Roxbury, Dorchester and Brighton while attending Boston University-71-75, I bit it off. Most racists are cowards and would back down. The sooner hundreds of thousands of people stand up to racial and financial hate and greed the sooner we MIGHT see amerikkkan injustice defeated. I'm 65, I don't expect to see that happen in my lifetime. I do respect, immensely, a human being such as this individual that took the time to experience amerikkka at it's finest. Bravo to you sir!!!!

so you think sarah puke got wronged?

right? You've explained yourself to me and I'm not laughing. Sarah puke is a racist pig and so is meeee-gin. Period. Bashir was explaining what racists like sarah puke did to uppity slaves and I agree, with him, that she and meee-gin should shut their mouths because that is all that is spewing from their faces garbage and you can spell that as sh..! As far as a 'real' news station, well I disagree totally. He calls out the racism and stupidity of a sarah puke and he's fired. meee-gin talks to kids, stewart did a piece on that, and and this brainless puff piece doubles down and is still going to be allowed to spew her sh.. on national television! I say throw their sh.. right back in their faces and let them smell their own garbage, just like bashir did. Now I'm wrong? So be it and proud of it.
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