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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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gun violence

7 kids under the age of 15 were shot to death in Atlanta last week- times 4 = 28- times 12 =.....well my message is yes the gun violence has to stop. How can slaughter like this and in Newtown be stopped with 300 million privately owned and/or stolen and illegal guns in our society? It almost seems like it's impossible. That's just my take.


ignore people who might be offended at your word choice explaining your righteous rage. Maybe they are christians or something and I agree with your rage and choice of words. This has to stop somehow. I don't know how, short of outright immediate ban on weapon sales which is not feasible with three hundred million guns floating around out there. And how many criminals own part of that three hundred million? I'd hate to be weaponless in a dangerous society. No one has the right to harm me because they want to rob me or might hate the melanin in my skin and on and on....this is a vicious, dangerous country/world. So what's the answer.? Anyone?


are we, as a nation, ever going to move our thinking into 21st century mode? Our current administrations Justice Department(Holder I guess) is weighing whether to apply legal sanctions to the states(washington-colorado)that legalized personal use of marijuana. This line of thinking by the administration shows just how hamstrung we are with some laws that have no basis in reality. If a person grows a little marijuana for personal use and that's it. The government should go find some wrong doing on wall street, oh sorry, they did that already and bailed out the banks with billions of dollars. Is it a money thing? I just don't understand draconian thought processes and actions. If people are not harming anyone, leave people alone!


are you really teaching the unknown histories? Yeah, I would have like to have known the real story of slavery and the reason(s) for the civil war. I would have liked to have known about the vulture capitalists of the time(carpetbaggers) who destroyed any chance at national reconciliation and instead accounted for many of the reasons for the ensuing racial segregation. I would have liked to have learned about how racist america really was, in my high school days and beyond. That last statement doesn't need expounding on does it. You want a link? I have a friend who is a middle school teacher. He says Vietnam is a footnote with no mention of the dictators we backed to keep that war going at the cost of 50-thousand + plus american lives and a uncounted number of Vietnamese lives. I wonder how history books will deal with Bushmonkey/darth lies and ensuing WARS? I don't even think bin the dead ladin was in Afghanistan when we went in. Please stay bored and I feel sorry for your uninformed students who like I was are in store for a rude awakening in the real world. No schools have never taught this "stuff" and I doubt your students had full disclosure. Because if they did you wouldn't have had your job long. Am I wrong?

Peggy Noonan

face the nation had noonan on, she's saying the POTUS must be "newly magnanimous and rethugs sober?'" Our POTUS tried to work with the rethugs in the first four years and what compromise did he find, none.. They only wanted to limit him to one term. My how short memories are. I cannot stand noonan or even gergen anymore, in fact no rethug has a chance.

you know

amerikkkan whites lynching black people was one of the most shameful, hateful and vicious times in the history of this small d democracy. I have a large poster on my wall of amerikan shame and evilness with four scenes of different lynchings with the white crowds picnicking and just having a grand old time while another human being was castrated, burned and hung. Living in the south in the fifties as a child I remember the anger and sadness that my parents expressed at incidents like this. . .and usually it was some trumped up charge of a black man being too uppity or having had looked the wrong way at a white woman or having been charged with rape that in 99.9 percent of the cases was just a lie to be able to kill a black. All this to keep black people, men especially "in their place." To have this type of activity emulated now in 2012 with our POTUS being that castrated, burned and lynched black man is one of the saddest indictments against an ignorant and very stupid amerikan culture and segment of it's populace. I am enraged. This other individual driving around with Obama effigy hung in the back of his truck shows how really, really sick this country is. A sickness driven by a dog whistle campaign led by the Republican nominee for POTUS, Rush Limpdick, Shaun the dipshit Hannity, Wolf Blitzer, Joe the idiot Scarboro and glenn the redneck beck, Sarah the bimbo palin and anne the retard coulter, with a little trump thrown in for good measure. I am enraged. Most people cannot really understand the mistrust these activities breed in some minority people. I just hope the segment of the white amerikkan populace that believe this activity is going to cause fear in black men, women and allies don't make a fatal mistake of underestimating my resolve in fighting every fucking inch of the way if this type of activity rears it's stupid ignorant head around me. I hate people like this with every sinew of my being. GOD! I'm angry at this but yet know this. Not in spite of but because Barack H Obama is POTUS this country will never go back to the way it was as depicted in these lynchings and no black man or woman worth their salt will NEVER ACCEPT SECOND-CLASS citizenship ever again. over.


is not presidential material. when asked about equal pay for equal work, he never said he would push for it. He never answered the question and our PRESIDENT did! Never answered or rebutted our president about planned parenthood. Libya smacked him down. Go Candy!


NPR this morning, starving dogs and cats eating dead bodies in Aleppo. Government at work. Some leaders are truly psychopaths. Can you imagine being around that as a child or any caring person for that matter.


anyone worried about losing 18percent of the arctic ice sheet in one year? thom hartmann had a cambridge scientist on saying we only have two years before the methane release from the uncovered permafrost starts our demise. Of course if it's true and there is nothing to be done I guess and that's the way it goes. Yet where is the alarm peope. I am alarmed.
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