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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 15,004

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Sgt. Johnson's body

was left on the field of battle for 2 days....an elite soldier of one of america's finest units...2 fucking days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On his casket having to remain closed...was it because of wounds received or mutilation by Niger insurgents? Was race involved in leaving his body on the field of battle since Sgt. Johnson was AA and the boy-potus who would be CIC has sullied his honorable death with his narcissism and racist stupidity. Was his death at the hands of insurgents or 'friendly fire'? How can a soldier be disrespected by gen. kelly like he has? Yet when everyone here and else where where lauding his appointment I said then , he's a goddamn repthugliKKKan and they cannot be trusted to do the right thing...period.

As we will NEVER know the truth of this clandestine 'mission'....questions do abound as to why the racist-in-chief had these men in harms way. Was it for his lover putin?

thank you

I had to tell a person about indentured servants vs chattel slavery...they still thought slavery of AA WASN'T AS BAD AS THEIR ANCESTOR'S WAS. It's total WILLFUL ignorance like this that has me turning away from people. Hell I found out two people that I have had good thoughts about and contact with, even got the one person a job, found out they voted for trimp, "a shot in the dark outside chance" vote. Now on principle, I have to stay away so I don't get angry at their ignorance and latent racism?

I just know

Lt. Johnson would have had my back as you know I would have yours...idiot-boy-potus never would understand that camaraderie....never. To treat a dead soldier/officer as such, openly, proves the ameriKKKa trying to form is not my america. Neither is he my prezident..or ever will be my prezident.

you aren't serious?????????????

oh wait, you are.....WTF do you mean????????????

great OP

put's perspective into the choices chosen in this era to speak to and about serious issues affecting women in these days of a molester-in-chief as potus....


HRC good, trump very bad.....and no one but HRC stood a chance against this POS that is potus today....

too bad HRC

couldn't make it instead of...... No fault assigned...just questioning why a minor leader of a very minority wing of the Democratic Party....and...oh well, my point is made.


is excellent and instead of one of the speakers...Hillary and Waters would have been a slam dunk. Too bad HRC couldn't make it...

Was Hillary Rodham Clinton even invited????

Woman's conference and she was not invited? Did she turn them down? Something rotten in Denmark here?????????? Did Ms. Mallory even consider HRC....bs can motivate people, true, as I see his MINORITY wing of supporter are motivated and loud...which does not a leader make.....HRC should have been keynote speaker...what an affront to a great lady and top running, recognized Democratic Party, not independent, LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!


he slapped the shit out of that idiot with the blond comb over. This is probably one of the reasons, besides President Obama being a decent, caring, loving family man and a competent leader of the 'free world, that the idiot trump 'hates' a man of true distinction, President Barack Hussein Obama.
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