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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 15,197

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wasn't she

a part of the 'bluedog' coalition that voted against President Barack Obama, time and again???? Just asking


Why I am soooooo surprised...NOT!!!! Not here, not there, not anywhere in trumps ameriKKKa will we EVER find statements related to your statement OP of fact. One of the major reasons for AA self punishment through ameriKKKan 'evolution' of society is because of the Slavery's Era's extreme cruelty in the example you gave and have no doubt, ameriKKKa's slavery was/is one of the most barbarous forms of human degradation and forced subservience EVER, perpetrated by a race that has never been superior to anyone.

And we now have one of the most egregious, ugliest examples of that 'racial superiority' in the fact of that idiot fool posing as a president, that at the least 66 MILLION ameriKKKan men and women wanted, while his underlings destroy our so-called democracy and that is actively trying to reinstate segregationist(AG sessions)procedure and thought in ameriKKKa.

And it is fact, that in recorded history, ameriKKKa's forced bondage of other human beings is one of the atrocious, inhuman and vicious examples of human degradation and forced bondage in recorded history. And the aftermath of our Slavery Era is now, still, generations later, on display for the whole world to see, as a excellent example of white racial/racist superiority in it's continuing consequence for people with noticeable melanin in their skin, WORLDWIDE. Racism is alive and very well in ameriKKKa this holiday and everyday.

Thank you for a reminder that this season is NOT happy for everyone.


I wish I knew what percentage of his state residents agree with him, oh never mind, we'll see TUESDAY

OUR idiot leader

started this current 'nuclear war fear'. He won't talk, he wants to play with his 'toy' soldiers...all chickenhawk cowards do that, gleefully and lethally, hell they are not 'in danger'. Just ask bush, rumsfeld, cheney. They wrote the book.

in the 'old south'

they just DID NOT talk about a too common occurrence...so, too many pollyanna answers here concerning the south I knew and grew up in. Lots of denial here about rape of young people by adults...IT JUST WASN'T TALKED ABOUT IN 'polite company'. It was/IS a part of southern culture...just ask any slave family....

yeah, and

she has more intelligence, class, morality, distinction in the tip of HER little finger than that TRASH stinking up the WH today...HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this whole Franken

mess.. is a lynch mob...guilty until proven innocent...it's all self-defeating. Sad and shameful.

well, when we act like the potus

we have now, boasting of the ability to do what they may to ANY woman that they may desire in their daily lives, walk in on teenagers in their dressing rooms where they were half clothed just because he could, could ogle teenage girls in front of witnesses and have the accusations of 16 women who say he sexual harassed and in some cases forced himself upon them as OPEN, not adjudicated cases, then that man and ANY like him is a "beast". Simple logic.

so now you

want her credibility destroyed? What is the purpose? Every person not gay has, if they continued to mature, had learn about gay culture STOP the judgemental attitudes based on biblical bullshit and other BS and realize, human is human and we all must accept all non violent, non hateful people and get along with everyone not in the bigoted camp. I really don't understand this shit...well down a couple of notches, Never to recover, that's my judgement ...yet sooner or later everyone, everyone disappoints. Geez..is it because she is really trying to keep fighting the abomination in the WH. She is allowed to make mistakes in life and I DAMN WELL BET YOU, SHE DOES NOT FEEL THIS WAY NOW. This is a smear job.

we truly do

need a change in leadership....with what we have now, it proves totally that it's time for a change...every democrat running will get my vote, especially women this time around.....you tell it like it is and has to be for survival of the human race.....true change in leadership at all levels of government.....
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