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Profile Information

Name: Penny Blake
Gender: Female
Current location: Watton, Norfolk, UK
Member since: Wed Jun 13, 2012, 03:30 PM
Number of posts: 19

Journal Archives

Ive been asked to explain my comments on a thread that Ive been blocked on

So, William769 have explained my to explain my comments on a thread in a section that may become very important to me, being a Post Op Trans sexual, and also having a Lesbian daughter (Something that, if I may be honest, I dont fully understand but want to)

Here is the Post - http://www.democraticunderground.com/113715927#post3

Paragraph 1 + 2

Explaining that I was listening to a radio debate and explained the basics of the debate.

Para 3

Question - I want to know how much Gay and lesbian people care about this ruling. How important is it to them. Is a civil partnership the same as a ceremony that we call marriage. My daughter has mentioned that she would like a civil partnership with her partner. Whilst I am over the moon that she wishes to officially commit the rest of her life to the one she loves, should I now be encouraging her to wait until gay marriage becomes law (if indeed it will)

Para 4

How much does the government really care about this? Are they just pushing this as an idea with a view to getting every gay and lesbian person voting for them at the next election, or is this something that they genuinely feel passionate about?

Does that explain it enough for you?

Sorry, but I think you were a bit hasty there. Perhaps instead of asking a question and then bocking someone perhaps you should give them a change to actually answer. I appreciate that you encounter a lot of "haters" (I certainly do, Ive had to quit so many jobs as a result of total and utter narrow minded aholes) but believe it or not some people are actually genuine!
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