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Member since: Sun Jun 3, 2012, 11:38 AM
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This the one video the DNC needs to air at next weeks Convention...

When Mitt Romney Came To Town. This will explain to everyone just what Mitt Rmoney stands for!!

Suggested Name Changes For ACA (Affordable Health Care)

Well, now that Andrea Saul of the Mitt Romney Campaign has suggested that if this person had lived in Massachusetts, he would have had Health Insurance, how about a name change for the Affordable Health Care Act(ACA)
Some of my suggestions:

The United States Massachusetts Health Care Reform Act
The United Massachusetts Health Care Reform For America Act
The Unified Massachusetts Health Care Reform of the United States Act
Massachusetts Unified Health Care for America Act
Massachusetts Health Care Reform Act for the United States
Affordable Massachusetts Health Care for America Act

I've already came to that conclusion...

in some of my past posts at different forums, finally the word is starting to get out that Mitt Rmoney is actually hiding the fact that he is really a "Billionaire" and is trying to -fool- (deceive), the entire Nation into thinking that he is just a mere "Millionaire".

The Truth About Republicans by George Carlin

All though he's gone now, his words remain. Check out this video


ever so true!!
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