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Member since: Sun Jun 3, 2012, 10:38 AM
Number of posts: 158

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Good Question...

Why(?) are we so reluctant to stand up to these Bigots and Racists? Are we that timid? Heck, these same people( like Paul Ryan), are essentially saying- to kill off as many of you low class parasites, we'll deny you any health coverage to achive this means to and end.

As former Rep.Alan Grayson said "If you get sick-die quickly"


This is the Health Plan that the Republicans really want.

People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare

Source: BuzzFeed

I'm sure they'll like the healthcare just fine there.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/people-moving-to-canada-because-of-obamacare

And also openly Gay Marriges!?

heard on Melissa Harris Perry...

To quote Keith Boykin on MHP on CNBC, He said: Businesses do not exist to "create jobs", they exist to "create profits"...
now that's a statement to can take to the factual matter of this BS about the businesses being the "Job Creators"


Come on people...

The 4th Estates are of the Elites, by the Elites and for the Elites. Learn to read between the lines and for added info read other news papers that are not of this country's doing. Read The Guardian for good American Political Editorials or Der Spiegel. In fact here's a good article to read from Der Spiegel that you'll never read in the mainstream Media of this country.


After reading this, just think, which mainstream news outlet or newspaper will run such a story, definitely not Fox News.

That's why Willard can say outrageous things...

and out right lies and don't give a damn about any fallout over these outrageous statements!

some here are off message...

How did Photoshop or MS Paint get in here as the topic of the overall message, Duh!
The message here is that if and when your house is on Fire, no rich guy is going to show up to put it out( yes/no)
When Rich Guys get their Tax cuts- the people that are suppose to come to your aid-are not there to respond. Period.
Why? because the local government had to cut them off the payroll because the Rich guy got his tax cut, which left no money from the backs of middle class to help pay his wages.
STAY ON MESSAGE... When the Rich get more and more tax cuts, The working middle class suffer...

Feudalism aka American Capitalism

After reading through, at the least, a majority of the post in this forum/discussion, I was amazed at the thought that no one seems to the grist of what Cary really is putting forth here and it's the statement...is a re-branded fascism plain and simple. It is feudalism. That's the key Question!? Is It Feudalism!?!?

Of course, I always do the Research prior to a post. I reviewed a varying amount of links to the ?"feudalism"? First of all, just what was "Feudalism" as it turns out, in essence, a why of life! A way of life that society had thus forth-moved on-, the World had-moved on-...

The thing that struck me most was the wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feudalism
Then I happened upon these as well: http://www.middle-ages.org.uk/feudalism.htm :
http://www.alternet.org/economy/152010/americans_don%27t_realize_just_how_badly_we%27re_getting_screwed_by_the_top_0.1_percent_hoarding_the_country%27s_wealth/?page=1 :
http://www.mindmined.com/public_library/nonfiction/david_f_feudalism_aka_capitalism.html :

Now the last two links above help me change the view point of my thoughts as to an American Feudal System, based on what? Capitialism? The Rise of Neo-Feudal America? Feudal Capitilism?
A quote from the hillbillyreport.org "In the environment created by the elitist raping of the American economy folks are so preoccupied with just making ends meet and holding onto their current status that they simply do not understand how much money is being withheld from the masses" Imagine that! So preoccupied with just making ends meet!
So, aside for the fact that "We are dealing with traitors", we are also dealing with a far more sinister and diabolical plot than imagined. It's the stealing of a whole Country-these here United States Of America.
When all of the Billionaires and Millionaires, those well off[still] and not really hurting, achive their_ol·i·gar·chy/ˈäliˌgärkē/Noun: 1.A small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution. 2.A state governed by such a group, I would guess then that we all will understand what a Feudal America will be like.

"Never before have so few with so much promised to take away so much from so many and then laugh their asses off as the so many with so little- Vote -for the so few with so much."
A James Pence Quote
"American Politics, a sport for the rich and enslavement for the rest of us."
A James Pence Quote

Romney Seeks an America More Like China

Read this from THE BLOG to begin this discussion

It's rather obivious that the Repuggish Party is trying to steal the whole country...

See, my view is that by restricting as many people from exercising their constitutional right to vote, by discouraging as many voters of all strips not to take part in the democratic process, they(the Repuggish Party) is on track to steal the whole country and divide it up among themselves. WE don't have titles of aristocracy in America, i.e. Barons and Dukes and Earls or Prince nor Princess, Counts or Viscounts, Knights nor Barons... But these same Millionaires and Billionaires would love nothing more than to bestow Titles upon themselves to make themselves the Nobility of American Society.
They all really want there own Fiefdoms to do as they want to do- be Kings in an open republic. That why its in the Constitution: Article I, Section 9, Clause 8:
No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state. The Framers' intentions for this clause were twofold: to prevent a society of nobility from being established in the United States, and to protect the republican forms of government from being influenced by other governments. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Title_of_Nobility_Clause
So, by denying as many Citizens their Constitution rights to the Vote, we are headed to a time in history that this country at one time actually had a Revolution to end such Tyranny and these people are trying to take US back there.

why did Romney discloses sale of stocks in dozens of companies over past year

To start, here is a link to this news items from the WashingtonPost:

Now, why would Willard disclose the news about him, selling stock which included shares in Chinese real estate(!?) and educational firms(!?) and in Wal-Mart de Mexico(!?), which has come under scrutiny amid bribery allegations. WHY? The answer is clear-he's running for President of the United States- and don't want us (the American (did I spell it right) Citizens) to know just how un-American he really is. That he has no confidence in the same American Banking system that did collapse the American economy,(some say nearly collapsed-whereas I say did collapse this economy), that's why he had Swiss Bank Accounts:
and money stashed away in the Cayman Island like any other Criminal Organization would. In other words, he really don't believe in America, nor what this country stands for. Do you know how hard it is to invest in Chinese real estate if you are not Chinese? So that means he passed, that is... looking Chinese... to be able to invest in Chinese real estate.
This is your classic CYA, here is the Repuggish Candidate for President doing what any good old boy would do, clean up his act and erase(I mean etch a sketch), those things that may come under scrutiny in the near future. So, by bringing these issues up now will in time make them a non-issue with no further discussion about it, please!!

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