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Member since: Sun Jun 3, 2012, 11:38 AM
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I've already came to that conclusion...

in some of my past posts at different forums, finally the word is starting to get out that Mitt Rmoney is actually hiding the fact that he is really a "Billionaire" and is trying to -fool- (deceive), the entire Nation into thinking that he is just a mere "Millionaire".

The Truth About Republicans by George Carlin

All though he's gone now, his words remain. Check out this video


ever so true!!

Here's what I think About Mitt Romney and his wealth...

is that the truth be told, Mitt Romney is actually a "Billionaire". That's why he's not releasing no more than those two faked years of tax releases so that, as Miss Ann said, "you people" are only going to get those two faked-up years and "you people" will just have to be happy with that-"you people".

The truth be told, I think that the reason Mitten isn't releasing all of the other years of tax returns, is that "them people" has gotten everybody thinking that he's only worth a quarter-of-a-billion-dollars($250,000,000), when in fact, hidden away overseas are his "Billions of Dollars".

I figure that Mittens was worth a couple hundred million dollars around 2000, but after Bush signed the 2001 Bush Tax Cuts, look at all of the financial activities his firm Bain Capital did through out those years and once again after the 2003 Bush Tax Cuts. Why stash all of your Cash off shore? Why have (1) Swiss Bank Accounts? (2) Money stashed in the Caymans? (3) All of those other overseas accounts, everywhere else but here in America. WHY???

In fact, does Mitten even have an American banking account anywhere in America? I mean, just one simply checking account or anything!?!?

So, by this, I've come to the frame of mind that Mitt Romney is worth maybe 4 -6 Billion Dollars, not in the league with the big dogs,(Gates, Buffett), just a minor league "Billionaire", but a "Billionaire" just the same.

Good Question...

Why(?) are we so reluctant to stand up to these Bigots and Racists? Are we that timid? Heck, these same people( like Paul Ryan), are essentially saying- to kill off as many of you low class parasites, we'll deny you any health coverage to achive this means to and end.

As former Rep.Alan Grayson said "If you get sick-die quickly"


This is the Health Plan that the Republicans really want.

People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare

Source: BuzzFeed

I'm sure they'll like the healthcare just fine there.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/people-moving-to-canada-because-of-obamacare

And also openly Gay Marriges!?

heard on Melissa Harris Perry...

To quote Keith Boykin on MHP on CNBC, He said: Businesses do not exist to "create jobs", they exist to "create profits"...
now that's a statement to can take to the factual matter of this BS about the businesses being the "Job Creators"


Come on people...

The 4th Estates are of the Elites, by the Elites and for the Elites. Learn to read between the lines and for added info read other news papers that are not of this country's doing. Read The Guardian for good American Political Editorials or Der Spiegel. In fact here's a good article to read from Der Spiegel that you'll never read in the mainstream Media of this country.


After reading this, just think, which mainstream news outlet or newspaper will run such a story, definitely not Fox News.

That's why Willard can say outrageous things...

and out right lies and don't give a damn about any fallout over these outrageous statements!

some here are off message...

How did Photoshop or MS Paint get in here as the topic of the overall message, Duh!
The message here is that if and when your house is on Fire, no rich guy is going to show up to put it out( yes/no)
When Rich Guys get their Tax cuts- the people that are suppose to come to your aid-are not there to respond. Period.
Why? because the local government had to cut them off the payroll because the Rich guy got his tax cut, which left no money from the backs of middle class to help pay his wages.
STAY ON MESSAGE... When the Rich get more and more tax cuts, The working middle class suffer...
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