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Profile Information

Name: Joe
Gender: Male
Hometown: Upper Left Edge of America
Home country: Earth
Current location: Upper Left Edge of America
Member since: Tue May 1, 2012, 11:16 AM
Number of posts: 88

About Me

66 Year old male. WAY left of Obama who, in my opinion is quite right wing (drones, domestic spying, etc.) Single again (2 wives, widely separated each giving ten years). Beginning exciting new phase as artist, raconteur, crazy old coot. Comfortable with my cat in our paid for home at the beach.

Journal Archives


I know a couple of families who can afford it and have assembled solar/wind packages for total off grid normal (though very efficient) households. Out here by the mouth of the Columbia River we DO get a lot of bright days, but I also know that a good solar panel will produce even on cloudy days. With the addition of wind, these folks have really got a sweet (though not inexpensive) deal going!

I read the websites about the solar Seattle incentives and whatnot and have emailed to see if there is any sort of program for a 66 year old veteran on limited fixed income way out here on a dead end road off the dead end highway 103. I try to be optimistic....

If we can just get the Koch/Tea/publicans off our backs, we just might be able to progress to mass use of appropriate tech in this country!

a comment after a story from the Washington Post after the GOP Convention

I thought this was particularly well thought and written:

9:48 PM GMT-0800
I watched nothing after Clint Eastwood. In fact, I don't remember his closing lines; I may have gotten up before he finished, so I don't know what happened after that and I don't care. I usually sit through the whole affair, even those of whom I know I will not vote for.

Not this one. They were pressing their luck with me after Paul Ryan's "Facts Shrugged" speech. Then, they parade out all of these sons and daughters of immigrants who went to school, and now are standing in front of a podium at the RNC Convention. Wow. What an achievement. All legitimate. No one gave them anything; no affirmative action; no illegitimate birth certificates; no questions asked; no dirty jokes about their ethnic heritage or their names. The American Dream. Because it is Republican. We have seen and heard that story so many times before; every President before this one has pretty much the same story....

A black man, born in Hawaii, with a father from Kenya who gave him an ethnic name, is a different story. Everything is questioned: his legitimacy as a citizen; his academics; his philosophy; his ideology; his entire personhood, demeaned with vulgar "jokes" in emails and on magazine covers; insults and disrespect even during a State of The Union address; accused of being Un-American and unable to understand what is an American.

I don't know how I could have expected anything better than what the GOP has contributed over the past 4 years. Why would it be any different, any more inspiring, any more professional, or with any more integrity than how they have behaved for 4 years? Why would there be any respect for the people or for the President and the office; any more honesty and straight talk or details? I am supposed to trust this man because he takes care of his wife and she loves him. End of Story. Even though he lies through his teeth and is sneaky.

The entire affair was cheap, classless, tasteless, tawdry, disingenuous, dishonest, and so, it was fitting that just prior to the lofty speech of a man accepting the party nomination for President, a senile, dirty old man is center stage as a surprise treat and puts the cork on this tawdry affair.

I missed the nominee's speech on purpose, the balloons, all the long blond haired wives who didn't wear all those shiny, tacky dresses tonight and their red lips and pale skin, and went to brush my teeth and take a shower after spraying Lysol for all the filth and lies and smut.

PS: I understand the Olympics is now a Republican affair, no longer a national affair, even though it was everyone's money who helped save those Utah Olympics. Romney didn't do that himself, either..
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