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Name: Andrew
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Member since: Wed Apr 11, 2012, 10:06 PM
Number of posts: 1,096

Journal Archives

I recently had a post hidden due to what was decided to be a "personal attack".

The thread in question had to do with a liberal who had lost their job for posting a video of him questioning a Chik-fil-A employee at the drive up window.
I disagreed with the majority opinion that he had been a bully, however what I disagreed most was the flood of inarticulate, unintelligent, abusive and derelict use of cussing and swearing. My points articulated this clearly and without the foul language or abuse of original poster, although I did direct it at said poster. The jury voted 5 to 1 against my post, all 5 who voted against gave no reason, the 1 who sided with my post gave a response which showed he/she had thoroughly read my post and that it was actually directed at the bad behavior I was pointing out, and therefore not a personal attack.
I would like to know the reasons for the 5 votes against my post, it seems as though they didn't bother to read enough to gain context of the subject at hand, I can understand that people's time is at a premium, but acting as a jurist carries a burden of due diligence.
I feel that I was speaking out against a certain mentality of some people here which is similar to the vile behavior of the Teaparty, and my less aggressive better articulated voice was shut down.

The fate of liberal compassionate progressive ideas gaining popular support depends upon clear articulation of those ideas to the general public without vitriol and abuse. If the mission of this forum is to support those causes, the manner in which it is discussed should reflect those goals.

I am very disappointed that, in this case, violent aggressive vitriol won out over articulate discussion of an issue.

Because they are constantly fed large doses of disinformation, which keeps them ignorant of facts.

The republican machine continually produces disinformation which to some sounds logical, (example; in recession the government should stop spending and balance the budget just as the average family must do), on the surface it sounds logical that when you have hard times you should cut spending. Although every economist worth his salt understands the governments roll in recession is to support demand by increasing spending and that the reduction of spending in recession is what causes a downward spiral into depression. That is far too complicated for the average person to understand without doing research and taking the initiative to learn, many people are too busy trying to make ends meet and just don't have the time or mental capacity to understand. The republican party understands the dynamics of "dumbing down society" and they work very hard at feeding disinformation through vehicles such as Fox News. We have a very difficult road ahead in fighting back against the lies and distortions constantly put out to the public which after time people come to believe as the truth.
I fight back against disinformation on my Facebook page, whenever one of my friends makes a political statement which is not truthful, I correct them with an accurate description of the truths surrounding that subject, complete with supporting data, quotes, videos of interviews, graphs, or other legitimate data streams. Recently a Libertarian friend of mine stated on Facebook that, "Obamacare is a joke" yet when pressed for the reasons he thought it was a joke he had nothing substantial or logical. I posted data showing him actual facts about what the Affordable Care Act contained. He may or may not read that data, but he won't post unsubstantiated claims anymore because he knows they will be rebutted with logic from me.
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