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Brown -Warren Debate

I acknowledge I have a personal bias- so what I think I see in the debates may be due to my personal perceptions.
But there are a few things I have noticed and hope someone here has Tivo or something and will be able to review the debate and verify if what I think I see is really there.

1) The moderator seems to allow Brown much more time for responses than he does Warren
2) He seems to be cutting Warren off much more often
3) He seems to rather condescending to Warren and ask stupid questions like 'the do you believe him calling your Professor' clap trap but not allowing her the time to 'correct' the misrepresentations that Brown has made about her record and always allowing him extra time to 'defend' his voting record.

If someone has tivo can you please do an accounting of the time each is allowed to speak, and the number of times he 'cuts off' Brown versus the number of times he cuts of Warren. How many 'follow up' responses does he allow Brown versus how many 'follow up' responses he allows Warren. I think I see a pattern here but again it may just be a product of my personal bias be nice to have some 'data' to see if my perception of the debate matches the reality of it.
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