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Member since: Wed Apr 11, 2012, 09:43 AM
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Brown -Warren Debate

I acknowledge I have a personal bias- so what I think I see in the debates may be due to my personal perceptions.
But there are a few things I have noticed and hope someone here has Tivo or something and will be able to review the debate and verify if what I think I see is really there.

1) The moderator seems to allow Brown much more time for responses than he does Warren
2) He seems to be cutting Warren off much more often
3) He seems to rather condescending to Warren and ask stupid questions like 'the do you believe him calling your Professor' clap trap but not allowing her the time to 'correct' the misrepresentations that Brown has made about her record and always allowing him extra time to 'defend' his voting record.

If someone has tivo can you please do an accounting of the time each is allowed to speak, and the number of times he 'cuts off' Brown versus the number of times he cuts of Warren. How many 'follow up' responses does he allow Brown versus how many 'follow up' responses he allows Warren. I think I see a pattern here but again it may just be a product of my personal bias be nice to have some 'data' to see if my perception of the debate matches the reality of it.

Womens rights or lack there of

-Immodest' Girls Beat Up Iranian Cleric ‘”You are badly covered,” an Iranian cleric told two girls. “Cover your eyes,” one said before kicking him. He was hospitalized. -

While I don't condone violence as a solution, in a country where women are raped and then routinely executed for their 'crimes' often by the very same men that raped them, you have to admire these two young ladies courage. Though sadly it will probably be their last act of defiance against an unjust structure as both will most likely be executed for their crime.


Modesty and Dress codes coming soon to a state near you

Not exactly

focused on resolving issues, but a little glimpse of history with a side of irony and humor.

Back in the day when our sisters-in-arms—witches—were being persecuted, the Malleus Maleficarum (kind of a witch-hunter’s guidebook) warned readers of the ways in which we could hide or steal penises. Sadly, feminists traded this important magical power to sea sirens who—to this day—use cold bodies of water to take their prey via shrinkage. In more modern times, without our witchy powers to take the penis by force, feminists have been forced to use more secretive methods. There’s no reason to hide it anymore… the soybean is our current weapon of choice. You didn’t actually think the feminist/vegetarian link was a coincidence, did you?! I mean, tofu is disgusting—of course we had an ulterior motive there. One brave man figured us out—“Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality”—but we have the government on our side. So no worries, sisters!

Another take on the same topic
That's right, ladies. We've got penis-shrinking power now. You probably didn't know that, on account of being so super-stoked about our recently discovered magic lady parts that shut down rape sperm, but really, the superpowers we possess are practically limitless. (Except for not having the power to shut down rape altogether. Or the power to get equal pay for equal work. Or the power to ... Aw, hell, you know.)

I'd like to tell you that Rush Limbaugh is alone in his theory that his dick is small because of feminism. But alas, no. Rep. Allen West of Florida has a similar theory:

Unisured E.R care nothing more than illusion

Even if he had gone earlier chance are he would have been sent home with some meaningless diagnosis rather than being referred for proper care
I have had an auto-immune disorder since I was a teen-ager. I have not had ins for over 20 years. I can not get my medical records with the diagnosis that I got when I still had insurance, without my medical records with a previous diagnosis, E.R doctors just right me off as there is no documented 'proof' of my condition, but the ins companies can sure enough find my records and diagnosis. As a consquence of this untreated auto-immune condtion I have had several strokes. I went to the E.R, and as is common for those who do not have insurance did not recieve treatment, I was told I was having an anxiety attack and sent home. Not the first time I was dismissed from the E.R with a false diagnosis, that eventually caused more damage because I did not recieve the proper treatment in the first place. I now have lesions in my brain, have partially lost my eyesight, my memory, and have mobility issues, I would have never known about the lesions, except for a free walk in clinic where fortuantely the doctor not only listened to but believed my past history of an auto immune dis-order, recognised something was not quite right with my gait etc and ordered scans. What little job I did have I was let go from after the second stroke, though I was at the time being seen by a renal specialist and had a note from him for 'limitied' work detail and some minor changes to my work station so I could continue to work.. I was let go on a 'medical, which in a right to work state like I live in is pefectly legal, no recourse for me there. No emergency rooms for those without insurance- are not the place to get treatment EVEN for conditions that should be treated in an emergency room such as heart attacks, kidney failure and strokes. As I listen to Ann Romeny talk about her struggles with M.S ( an auto-immune disorder simliar to mine) I know she has never experienced what many of us suffers have which is that we suffer for years, being ignored by insurance companies and doctors, sometimes we suffer for decades even until death without ever recieving care and medications that would make our lives more managable. Welcome to Romeny World- don't get sick- and don't ask for help when your right to work company dismisses you when you do get sick. Please excuse the spelling and typos, as the spell check causes my browser to crash.
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