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Gender: Female
Hometown: SC
Home country: US
Member since: Mon Apr 9, 2012, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 269

Journal Archives

You don't...

kow the half of it! As God as my witness, you can't swing at cat without hitting 3-4 16yr olds with a baby on HER hip! And as for funding clawback, we're just above Mississippi in testing, but then again a good portion aren't tested because they drop out to be Mama's! Daddys in the wind...These girls don't have a prayer as it is. Between Nikki Haley, Graham and DeMint it's a race to the bottom of the corruption barrel. Yet, voters are content to keep this beautiful state red as a foxes ass! Sometimes I think they deliberately keep education on the back burner so they can have a deep bench of teabaggers. Damn, thats an awful thing to say. I love this state and the people here exemplify southern hospitality. The polititians are ASSHOLES! Sorry about the rant

Couple of things

This thread is awesome! But nobodys mentioned stress. Lets just say I know stress, okay? I think Friday afternoon weigh ins with physical consequences qualifys me. Running works, nota mile a day but throw your shit in a neighbors car and run like hell running. 15yrs. In 15yrs I lost and gained the same 30lbs. In the last 22 mths Ive lost 12 lbs. Feels like 100. I didn't even try. I'm healthy,I don't look back. I feel GOOD. I guess my point is if you stress over your wt. you're compounding the problem. We're all different. Be healthy mentally and physically no matter your weight. Look at it this way: stress is individual...anorexia=disease, obesity=results, how fucked up is that? Sorry about the rant. I'll probably get booted off DU for spelling errors alone, but you try this exhausting rant on an old Nokia...just saying...Thank you!

Thats why I like his show.

You can't accuse him of being slick. He talks about things that matter to me. Calls BS when he sees it. YAY ED

Small government conservatives

hmm..how do they explain all those supervisors/ managers in Michigan? If this is to off topic, I understand.

I don't worry about the guns

it's all about the bullets. Oh yeah and the string

Thanks for the post

and the link!

Dear Meemie

I think(from 2 whole wks) that you did a very nice job, that from an outsiders POV, you were Cat-herder extroidinare. I come here to learn this thing called DU and it's customs. Yea though it is filled rabbit holes and goat trails, I felt safe with you as one of the herders. I feel secure that whoever takes up your reins will be equally fabulous. Thanks!


Nailed it! : I really thnk they're twins from other mothers...Perfect!! Good eye!

Why would he leave

the relative safety of the embassy? Sounds like the diplomatic ambassador wanted to make room for company. I'm marinated and I'm not 100% that I Got that right. Because if it is, man it sucks to be Chen.


Made my day! I cant stop smiling! Lucky you! Thanks for the pics.
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