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Gender: Male
Hometown: NY
Home country: USA
Current location: Japan
Member since: Mon Apr 9, 2012, 07:04 AM
Number of posts: 249

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A reminder for Romney


???What the bloodly hell are Centrists???

I mean, seriously. Help me out here folks.

Why are there so many people enamoured with becoming or being seen as a Centrist or an Independent? It's as if calling oneself such is the same as labelling oneself reasonable while calling the Left and Right equally unreasonable. But does that make sense?

I hear things like "Well, the right is too extreme in one way... and the left is too extreme in the other way, so the best path is in the middle." It's the false equivalence thing again. They make it sound so reasonable --- and make themselves out to be the image of reasonableness -- but what do they really mean when they say that?

For example:

Left/Democrat position on women's rights: Equality -- period.
Right/GOP position: No.

So.... what is the Centrist position on this and why is it better than either of the above? In particular, why is the Left's position on women's rights too extreme for a Centrist?

OK... maybe I'm not being fair. Let me try pitching a soft ball:

Left: Civil Rights Act: good for all society.
Right/GOP: Bad.

So... what is the Centrist position on this one? That discrimination is unacceptable between 10am and 3pm on alternating Thursdays? I mean, help me out here.

OK... maybe that pitch was a little too fast. Let's try this one:

The rights of labor:

Left: supports labor.
Right: against labor.

So, what's the middle ground here? That some amount of intimidation and exploitation is OK?

Really folks... I need help here.
When people call themselves Centrists or Independents, what are they really saying?
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