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Gender: Male
Hometown: NY
Home country: USA
Current location: Japan
Member since: Mon Apr 9, 2012, 07:04 AM
Number of posts: 249

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Not just talk... not just try.... do.

Please read it to the end, and if you believe it, please "KICK" it.

I'm totally serious.

I'm talking serious about us building something with more physical staying power than Occupy Wall Street with numbers 4 times bigger than the Million Man March.

We need to call in Occupy, the older schoolers that pulled together the Million Man March, NAACP, all of the working families groups we know, churches, the child protection agiencies, .... (I don't all of them!!! You think of the rest!!!!)

We need to totally occupy everything from the White House to Lincoln's Statue and packing the streets all the way from the Smithsonian to the FBI building.

The President is sticking his neck out big time against a group that has him in their sites -- LITERALLY. All the way from the Republicans to the Tea Partiers to the NRA and others that I will leave unnamed to save space... but you all know the rest.

I want you to picture this.... I mean totally close your eyes and imagine this:

The Republicans are in the Oval Office with Obama, telling him that they will block anything that seeks to limit gun rights. That they will vote as a block AGAINST anything that seeks to restrict gun rights in any way.

Obama with Biden next to him and Hillary Clinton sitting comfortably with a Cheshire Cat smile.

Obama speaks: "Well, I understand what your saying. And, I guess I can't stop you from voting the way you choose. But..."

Obama pauses and waves his hand over to Biden. Biden steps back to the draperies and calmly pulls them back to reveal the window.

Obama continues, "... there are quite a few people outside that appear might become dissatisfied with your vote. I've heard that they might number a million or so...."

Hillary chimes in, "That would be 4 million."

Obama continues, "... I don't believe that we have enough secret service personnel on hand to handle that."

Hillary draws a broad smile.

Now how did you like that image.
I can see you nodding "yes".

But wait, there's more.

You know after these killing... every time... there are mothers and fathers who will hold their children tighter.

Well, let's imagine the Republicans decide to go on with the NRA's bidding.

Before we get onto the rest of this story, let's remember something. Fathers do care for their kids and will brave hell and and high water for them.

But, for all a father will do, all men... women... kids... all creatures of the world know is this:

Never get in between a woman and the kid she wants to have, the kid she's carrying, the kid she went through all the pain to give birth to, send to school, bring up right, and will give her grand-kids. For the love of GOD do not be the thing that gets in the way.

The lady will rip the hide off a polar bear and break its neck before it hits the ground if it makes the mistake of being the obstacle.

So, let's keep on imagining:

Clearly with 4 million people (at last count... more keep arriving) there have to be a lot of moms and daughters and grandmoms. And of course, the men-folk are there, too.

The news media is waiting.

As per instructions by the UAW, Occupy, and all of the other leaders, everyone was to remain completely silent for the last 5 minutes before the vote results were released.

The entire crowd of 4,000,000+ people become completely hush.
You can feel the tension building.
The sweat beading on everyone's brows.

The announcement is now being shouted through the loud speakers, "And then THE RESULT IS..."

Now, let's think about this.
The Republicans might be total boot-kissing toadies for the NRA.
But, they are not totally stupid?
Or... are they?

The announcement continues, "The Republicans successfully block the bill and the NRA wins!!!!"

The crowd goes into a roar!
Shouts of "BOOS!!!" and "BASTARDS!!!!" begin to rise until the whole 4,000,000+ voices begin chanting in unison, "BABY KILLERS!!! BABY KILLERS!!! BABY KILLERS!!!..."

That 5 minutes of silence really wound up a spring of tension in the crowd.

The Republicans try depart in armored Cadillac limousines surrounded by a secret service detail.

Somebody shouts, "There they are!!! The BABY KILLERS are trying to escape!!!"

Then, the whole crowd moves in on the cars... but...

The men-folks are literally being trampled by the women who surge to the front of the attack leaving most of the fellas picking themselves up from the mud.

The women crowd the cars. We see the poor secret service detail just vanish in sea of hands and angry faces... then, they turn to the limousines.

The women grab the vehicles by their bumpers and fenders preventing them from speeding away, then they flip the cars over onto their rooves, punch their way through 2" thick bullet proof glass, rip the doors clean off the cars hurling them 20 feet into the air.

Oh, God... the screams heard from those representatives... Oh, God... no words exist...

And the cameras turn to the men-folks who simply shrug with that "Well, what the hell you think we're gonna do?" look.

Or... maybe the Republicans just vote the way Obama wants.

Be real.
You like that image.
I can see you nodding "yes".

Now, all we need is to get our butts in gear, our tools together, get calling to every union, church, child services, the NAACP, UAW, Occupy, web developers, media live streaming experts, Democracy Now,.... hey, I can't make this list myself. You know the folks you know and how to contact them... and you know how to even contact the folks you don't know, yet.

Obama needs our back!

And... this is the key point here: Not just talk... not just try.... do.

Get the word out... tweet it... retweet it... Google+ it... Facebook it...

"Not just talk... not just try.... do."
#Newtown #Connecticut #wearebetterthanthis
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